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Discussion in 'Newcomers Introduction' started by Samu, Apr 29, 2019.

  1. Samu

    Samu Casual Gamer

    Hi guys, some of you may know me from the discord server. But anyways, I'm Sam.
    My main games at the moment are Rocket League and Monster Hunter: World
    But I also play Warframe, Rust, and Borderlands 2 from time to time if I have people to play with or when I'm bored of my main games. My playstyle on most of the games I play is a supporting role. Basically a mega potion main! Hahahaha. But anyways if you guys do need help on any of the games I play I'd be more than happy to. Given, that I have the free time to do so.

    Hope to see you guys around on the forums! Haven't used an online forum in years so this is actually pretty nostalgic for me.

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