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Sep 25, 2017
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FINCON the creator of Hello Hero, a game that dominated the charts of over 49 countries with over 20 million players all over the world, has released the its sequel – Hello hero: Epic Battle. 15 years into the future our heroes of the land of Armon battles foes to protect the land from the dark forces of Keronic.

Hello Hero: Epic Battle is a role-playing game that applies real time strategy wherein you can build a team consisting up to five members to defeat the opposing team. Game developers added features such as Co-op Gameplay, PVP Battlefield and World Boss Raids to allow players to interact with the community in terms of helping them and pushing their competitive side to strive for that number one spot. The game also lets you choose from over a hundred highly customizable heroes to offer a wide range of diversity, hence playing the game wouldn't feel repetitive in the long run.

This is the kind of game that I would love to play after a long day at work. Its possibities are endless and overall, it's a game that has great potential. So Pinoy Gamers, would you play this game? Let us know your thoughts in the replies down below.

Hello Hero: Epic Battle
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