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Aug 6, 2017
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Hello everyone!

I'm TX3017 - a variety streamer based out of the US, but represents Philippines both inside and out.

I joined the site to connect with my fellow Filipino/ Filipina gamers and to expand my streaming community out to the second place that I call home. Also, having a couple of new friends is a huge bonus.

While I'm on the site, I intend to connect with other streamers, gamers, artists, etc and hopefully work together to expand our communities. Additionally I hope to participate in forum discussions and potentially attend any events that may be occurring in or around my area.

Lastly, I'm pretty sure you want to know what makes me tick. Well, outside of streaming and gaming, I am an avid collector of sneakers and a streetwear enthusiast. I am also known for my Shadow Stormtrooper costume that I normally wear at local conventions or Star Wars events.

I hope to see you all on stream and thank you for having me be apart of this community!

Check me out:

Twitch | Twitter | Instagram: @TX3017

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