Hello...... (Nasan na ako?)

Discussion in 'Newcomers Introduction' started by StriderVM, Feb 28, 2016.

  1. StriderVM

    Newbie Gamer

    Greeting to everyone! ......

    .... But I'm not really sure paano ako napadpad dito sa forums na to.... Maybe I was looking for something and I accidentally got here..... ^^

    Been gaming since the 80's so I think I have no bias against any kind of gaming (Kahit cellphone like Clash of Clans) but I have no interest for any basketball game that isn't heavily stylized or realistic......

    I'm also trying out Youtube uploading and Twitch streaming kahit bulok ang internet ko (700Kbit reliable internet upload speed.)

    How old is this forum/website?

    For now yun na lang muna.... ^^
  2. xero

    Paradox Personified
    Team: OVD

    Hi and welcome @StriderVM , the forum is actually quite new it had a test launch around 2014 but all data were wiped due to the platform used then was relaunched again mid 2015 from a fresh start

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