Here are the links of Call of Duty: Mobile Season 4

Guild of Guardians
With Call of Duty: Mobile’s continued success, another season has been released by the developers. Arriving with numerous new features and enhancements to this popular mobile gaming platform, the Season 4 will surely excite players and will keep both new and seasoned players engaged.

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As the update has been finally released, players can now download it on their devices. To download, there are two choices that players can make, which is through either a third-party APK link or through an official link provided by the app stores that CODM is available in.

Here are the links of where you can download CODM Season 4:
Aside from the updates, the new season will also be introducing a new collaboration. Among the new updates, the addition of the Dropkick multiplayer mode is worth mentioning since this is where a team of players will have to compete in securing a briefcase and trying to hold it for the longest possible time to be declared the winner.

On the other hand, the game has collaborated with the SRPG game 'Path to Nowhere', developed by Ino Games. However, no announcement was made if this collaboration will be made worldwide or if it will be kept within the Chinese version of COD Mobile. But if by chance this will become available globally, players can expect that themed events and free rewards will be introduced.

As Season 3 has finally concluded, make way for Season 4 and enjoy the new features and collaboration it has brought!