Here’s a guide on how to revive the once prosperous Aurum Alley back to its former glory

There used to be a bustling commercial street located in Exalting Sanctum called Aurum Alley. However, it’s been on the decline lately but a chance to revitalize it has appeared. The revitalization of Aurum Alley can be done in two ways, it can either be funded and rebuilt by the IPC, or the local merchant guild can lead it back to its previous glory. The choice is in your hand, Trailblazer.

aurum alley.png

Aurum Alley’s Hustle and Bustle is a limited-time event that started on August 31 and will end on September 18. After the event concludes, it will be moved to Conventional Memoir. To be able to participate in this event, players must complete the Trailblaze Mission, Xianzhou Luofu - Obsequies Performed, A Long Road Ahead.”

To start reviving the former hustle and bustle of Aurum Alley, players must first attract more merchants to join the Aurum Alley Merchant Guild. There are a total of 10 stores that the players can collaborate with. A Merchant Event will then occur, which needs to be completed for the collaboration to happen and to be given the Prosperity Certificates.

aurum alley event reward.png

After the collaboration has been established with the stores, goods from each store need to be shipped to the dock. Link the stores with the dock so that cycranes can be used when delivering goods. A logistic store will then be provided by Heron Express, which will be based on the length of the route. Note that the shorter the route, the higher the store. Reach the required logistic score to be rewarded with Prosperity Certificates.

There are three levels of logistic lanes, which are low-level, mid-level, and high level. Don’t worry, they will be unlocked in order as you progress in the event. Route advantages will appear in the routes. Connect these advantages to improve the score. Streetside events might also appear, which can be used to unlock new route advantages and earn Prosperity Certificates.

General Order requests will appear once a collaboration has been established. Load the goods onto the starskiff and earn funds by fulfilling the Shipping Target. There are two categories of goods, which are large and small goods. Yellow placement spots are for large goods only while the green ones are for small goods only. Change the placement spot type if needed to accommodate more goods.

Aside from the General Orders, there are Custom Orders as well, which are challenges sent by the stores that the players have collaborated with. There are specific conditions that must be met by stacking the goods. You can also select from the backup goods to place them. Merchant guild funds and prosperity certificates will be rewarded after the goal has been reached.