Here's a list of the best artifacts in Genshin Impact for all Characters


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Nov 4, 2018
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Hello! Here's a list of the best artifacts (mid-game to end-game) FOR ALL CHARACTERS available in this patch. Please note that some of you may disagree with the list but it's perfectly okay, you can still make the adjustments you want. I'm only here to give you an idea on what to use. Also, it's best if you hunt end-game artifacts once you hit AR40 or even AR45 if you can.

Diluc (Gladiator and Berserker, Crimson Witch)

Venti (Noblesse and Wanderer, Viridescent)

Qiqi (Maiden Beloved if you're focused with healing and Noblesse for DMG)

MC/Traveller (ANEMO BUILD - Gladiator and Berserker, Viridescent)
(GEO BUILD - Gladiator and Berserker, Archaic)

Ningguang (Noblesse and Wanderer, Archaic)

Kaeya (Gladiator and Berserker, Gambler)

Bennett (Noblesse and Wanderer, Crimson Witch)

Lisa (Noblesse and Wanderer, Thundering)

Noelle (Lucky Dog if you really want to maximize her DEF or go with the end game Archaic) If you want dps build for her, go for
Retracing Bolide.

Sucrose (Wanderer, Viridescent)

Keqing (Gladiator and Berserker, Thundering)

Fischl (Gladiator and Berserker, Thundering or Gambler 2)

Jean (Gladiator, Noblesse)

Razor (Gladiator and Berserker)

Xiangling (Instructor and Exile, Crimson Witch)

Chongyun (Gladiator and Berserker

Mona (Noblesse, Wanderer)

Barbara (Maiden Beloved, Scholar)

Beidou - Focus on her HP and ATK at the same time. Gladiator and Berserker (with ATK as main stat and HP included in her sub-stats) would be best for her

Xingqiu (Noblesse Oblige and Gladiator's Finale)

Hope this helps!

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