Here’s How to Fix Overwatch 2’s LC-208 Error

A new LC-208 error was experienced by players after Overwatch 2 underwent maintenance during the weekend. It prevented players from logging into the game, which is a more common error for PlayStation 5 and Nintendo Switch. Blizzard Entertainment has already worked on a fix for the error and it has been resolved.

overwatch 222.jpg

Overwatch 2’s LC-208 was fixed today. Fixers were rolled out for accounts still affected by the LC-208 issue. Moreover, due to the error, account migration also faced issues. As many players from PlayStation 5 and Nintendo Switch were unable to play the game, they tried to migrate to other platforms that the game is also available on but they didn’t get in because of the queues.

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If ever you encounter an error like the LC-208 and still wants to play Overwatch 2, but you’re facing issues with account migration, you can try the following:
  1. Log in to your Account Management Page to complete registration.
  2. Check if your account already has a console account linked to it. Each account may only have one PSN, one Xbox Live, and one Nintendo Switch account linked.
  3. Check if your console account is already linked to a different account. The same console account cannot be linked to multiple accounts.
  4. Un-link your account.
  5. Re-link your console accounts to
Though account migration is not recommended as there are very long queues and people are stuck for hours due to server issues. It is best to just wait for Blizzard to resolve these issues before proceeding with account migration or account linking so that you won’t have to encounter missing items, locked heroes, and other bugs like the other players.