Here’s how to get your Mastery Chart in League of Legends

Even though there’s already the in-game LoL client track that monitors which champions you have played the most while playing League of Legends, there’s a new mastery chart that shows all of the champions you have used so far, all in one place.

mastery chart.png

For those who want to share their LoL journey through one image only, here’s how you can get your own mastery chart.

Go to the website named and enter your summoner name or anyone you know that plays LoL. After that, you’ll finally see which champions you’ve played or they’ve played the most.

Even Riot developers have also tried the mastery chart. However, note that this is an unofficial website of League of Legends as this was created by a fan. It’s still unknown whether this will get added to the League of Legends client proper.

As this new site has gone viral, sometimes a large amount of new users makes accessing the website difficult. Due to this, the developers take donations for better servers on the site’s homepage..