Here’s How to Migrate your Garena Account to Riot Games

As Riot Games will now self-publish League of Legends and Teamfight Tactics, the Riot team and Garena team are doing their best to make sure that all of the hard-earned progress of each player for both games will be preserved during the Garena ➜ Riot migration!

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During the migration, all of your account content will be merged such as emotes, skins, icons, champions, in-game currency like Blue/Orange Essence, and RP. However, for currencies and loot like Hextech Chests, Event Passes, Clash Tickets, etc., they will be added together so that you won’t lose any hard-earned content you got.

Though for loot that may have duplicates like skins, emotes, champions, etc., they’ll be combined to become a single copy of each item. Riot will be adding up the RP value of the duplicated content then make it into Welcome Capsules that will be given to you some time after the migration is finished.

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Note that the Garena Shells won’t be part of the transfer so if you still have some left in your account, it’s best to use it now prior to the migration.

Keeping the loot is important but preserving your progress is crucial. That’s why Riot Games will be preserving most of the progress that you made with your Garena League account. Champion mastery, honor, challenges, and ranked history will be transferred from your former Garena League account, which will overwrite any progress that you have made before the linking on your Riot League account.

However, your current League rank and LP will be reset. Riot Games took this opportunity to have a fresh rank start. A new rank season will commence on the SEA servers after the migration is complete. Add to that, Missions and Battle Pass Progress across both League and TFT will also be getting a full reset. An accelerated mission progress will be implemented but for the Battle Pass progress, it is still unclear.


Your Garena League/TFT information will get priority, such as your summoner name and friend list, during the migration. As long as you have played even once, between January 1st, 2021 and January 6th, 2023, your Garena League summoner name will be reserved for you. However, if a Garena League/TFT account that has not played a game since January 1st, 2021 will be linked, you will be prompted to pick a new summoner name once you have logged into your Riot League account after the migration. Note that you can only name your new account with your old name if it's still available so if you still want to have your current account name, play once before the migration.

Add to that, your Garena League friend list will overwrite your Riot League friend list, but only if your friends have also migrated.