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Jun 30, 2020
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Dahil wala akong magawa, gumawa nalang ako ng aking sariling hero sa ml, eto siya

A new demon killer has set foot in the Land of Dawn, he vows to slay any demon who gets in his way, will he be able to make his mission alive?

Quantum Recon
Role: Assassin/Fighter
Specialty: CC/Burst

Hero Specialty: A furious assassin/fighter capable of escaping, poking and dealing damage to enemies.

Passive: Danger Zone
If Skev does not take any damage for 4s, he will plant a detector, if he gets inside there, his Physical and Magical Defense increases by 25. Enemies inside the zone will be revealed. It last for 5s.

1st Skill: Speedy Strafe

Skev gathers power, and dashes at a specified direction, dealing 210 / 250 / 305 / 325 / 350 / 375 (+250) points of Physical Damage, and slows enemies by 30% for 1s. He also increases movement speed by 50% for 3s

2nd Skill: Killing Tactic

Skev disappears, making him immune, and slashes at an area 3 times, dealing 12-20% Physical Damage equal to the enemy's Max HP (scales with Hero Level), if any stab misses, his Physical Lifesteal will increase by 30%.

Ultimate: Quantum Leap
52s / 46s / 40s

Skev starts to gather power from his surroundings, and gains a shield that absorbs 560-1530 damage that lasts 6s (scales with Hero Level) and leaps to an enemy hero and increases his Lifesteal Effect by 100%. He forces his sword to form a huge, dark wave, dealing 510 / 590 / 680 (+420) points of Physical Damage, enemies hit will be stunned for 1.5s. If Skev kills an enemy hero, the CD of this skill will be reduced for 15 seconds, if Skev is killed after using his Ultimate, he could deal True Damage equal to 7% of the enemy's Max HP.

Skev was a little boy from Dangarnon, a village hidden in Northern Vale, he used to pick fruits along with Trey, Owais and Vux, most of their fruits were really fresh, that the whole village would have a whole feast. One day, a demon named Deimos, slew the whole townsfolk, leaving Skev and his friends alive. Skev, now 16, attempting to slay the demon with a rock, was nearly slaughtered, but the demon corrupts his body, changing his appearance. Unknown to the demon, Skev grabbed Darkrune, his father's forbidden weapon, and killed Deimos without even a single miss, his friends witness this, and run, joining different kingdoms. Skev, starts to feel a pain he hasn't felt, later, he seeks help from Rooney, and met two friends, Revlis and Angela. Rooney quickly realizes his body is about to be fully corrupted, so he had to experiment Skev. Skev, after a few weeks, had now eyes as red as blood, and a new upgrade to his old Darkrune, Skev, confident that he could end the reign of demons, rushes to the deepest forests, and finds himself in trouble, Alice and her minions had already found him though he is still young to die, the last Dangarnonian, after he finds out about his friends' deaths,much to his sorrow. He swung a wave of energy, it was devastating that it killed a swarm of Alice's minions, they had to retreat. When Skev turned 21, he meets Renesha, who offered him to help her find demons, a few weeks, Skev confessed his feelings to Renesha, however, she revealed herself to be a demon, Skev had two choices, should he let his anger to demons fuel inside his corrupted body, or love her for who she is, in the end, Skev had to slay her, for no apparent reason. Now he has to kill whoever told Deimos to kill his family and friends, he realizes, that the more he hates demons, his body will be more corrupted after Deimos had cursed him. He met Alucard, his idol since childhood. He still chose to kill demons, and from now on, Skev will have to serve Alucard, being his assistant in killing demons. He still needs to find the answers why his loved one, died in his own hands. Now he sets foot even in the deadliest parts of the Land of Dawn.

Hero Selection: "I would kill, rather than to be killed."
Hero Movement:
"Friends never last forever, but how about demons?"
"Demons don't corrupt me, hate does."
"This world really is evil."
"If love heals, what does hate do?"
"Ready, KILL!"
Shut your mouth, demon queen (Alice).
Death is upon your feet, lava weirdo. (Thamuz)
I would rather follow my master's orders. (Alucard)
Edi Sanctre, ekoshme! (Death, charge!) (Enchanta Language po pala ito kay credits sa Encantadia heeheh)
Hero Death:
I shouldn't killed, her (mentioning Renesha)
This world....is.....crucial.

Sana magustuhan nyo heheheh

Eto appearance nya
Kailangan lang ng cloak at mga itim2x sa kanang braso nya