Heroes ARENA: SOLO Q ROAD TO SOVEREIGN EP11|Assassins OP|Freelo all day!

Discussion in 'Apple iOS' started by WildHawkX, Mar 23, 2018.

  1. WildHawkX

    WildHawkX Casual Gamer

    Road to Sovereign Rank Episode 11
    We're NOW Diamond Rank!! AYE
    I am Diamond rank rn and our next goal is to get MASTER RANK!
    Assassins are so OP in the game
    You can literally oneshot them
    Can we reach to MASTER rank next

    High Level Gameplay.
    I'm playing "random" champs in rank to see who's the best carry in high elo.
    in this game my main goal is to get the sovereing rank.
    My other goals to get in this series is to be #1 in my country.
    I'll try to post video every day, but for now ill be posting 1 video every other day.
    Trying out a road to Sovereign series, I hope you like high level gameplay!


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