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    When cast, The Butcher charges at an enemy target, stunning them on impact. That might not sound like much. But the beauty is in the production values. Whenever you cast it, the game announces the move with a short, punctuating sound of crashing metal as The Butcher roars “Fresh meat!” Or, sometimes, just, “Meat!” The target, meanwhile, has a small gray icon of The Butcher’s face appear above their head.

    The important thing to understand about Ruthless Onslaught is that it’s a very difficult move to escape from. If you try to jump out of the way or run in a different direction, he’ll just change his trajectory and keep barreling towards you. Even teleporting the way some Heroes characters can doesn’t make you safe. I discovered this in the second or third game I played as The Butcher, when an enemy Sylvanas tried to use a dash move right after I got her in my sights.
    1. Butcher sees a target, at a distance.
    2. Butcher casts Ruthless Onslaught at a distance beyond the range of the ability
    3. Butcher starts moving automatically into range to start casting ability (Normal hero behavior for all targeted abilities)
    4. Butcher loses sight of Target, but queued command continues to track enemy movement as long as no other commands are issued
    5. Butcher enters range of queued ability, places ‘mark’ above enemies head, revealing them, and begins charge.
    6. Butcher makes fresh meat.
    7. Call it what you will, but I believe the chain of events was unintentional, is not working as intended, and will be cleared up in future patches.


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