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Nov 4, 2018
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Don’t let Lili’s diminutive appearance fool you: the World Wanderer can hurt you and your team in a variety of ways. Beneath that cute façade is a very useful warrior that, when used wisely, can be an essential part of any team. Here’s our guide on how to play as this amazing warrior from the Warcraft universe, so that you can take advantage of her healing abilities while still being able to pack a decent punch.

Lili Stormstout, the World Wanderer, hails from the Warcraft franchise where she hailed from the Wandering Isle of Shen-zin Su. She was living a normal life until she was able to read the diaries of her Uncle Chen, after which she was infected with the same wanderlust as her uncle had. Trained and looked after by the martial artist Strongbo, the pandaren proved to be quite a handful as Strongbo accompanied her in Lili’s journey to find Chen.

Since then, and even after reuniting with Chen Stornstout, Lili is now free to scour the world around her and to create epic adventures of her own. And even though some pandaren are rubbed the wrong way by the World Wanderer’s ways, there’s no denying that the young Stormstout is truly forging a legend of her own.

Lili is armed with a staff that she can use to make attacks as well as to call upon creatures such as serpents that help her out in fights. In addition, Lili can also quickly create and toss brews which are essentially healing potions that can restore both health and many. The former is able to bolster Lili’s ability to deal damage even as she attacks enemies herself, while brews are amazing ways to support yourself and your team during the thick of the battle.

Build Guide
Lili’s trait, Fast Feet, allows her to move 15 percent faster once she gets attacked for one second. This will allow her to move away from danger and last longer in a fight. This also allows the Hero to get in a much better position to support any or all of her of her allies during the battle.

Lili also has three starting abilities, namely Healing Brew, Cloud Serpent, and Blinding Wind. Healing Brew (30 mana cost, 3 seconds cooldown) heals health and restores mana to the ally with the lowest health. However, the ability prioritizes heroes over minions, and Lili does not gain mana if Healing Brew is used on herself. Next, Cloud Serpent (40 mana cost, 8 seconds cooldown) allows Lili to summon a cloud serpent that will assist a target ally, with the Serpent mirroring the target’s attack for 10 seconds. Lastly, Blinding Wind (50 mana cost, 10 seconds cooldown) deals damage to the three nearest enemies, prioritizing heroes over minions, and making them miss their first basic attack in the next four seconds. These abilities can be enhanced by choosing the appropriate talents as players get to level up.

For heroic abilities, Jug of 1,000 Cups (100 mana cost, 70 seconds cooldown) allows Lili to use Healing Brew a multiple number of times. This ability last for 6 seconds and mana also is not restored if you consume the brew. Players can also choose Water Dragon (100 mana cost, 45 seconds cooldown) will make Lili summon a Water serpent that will charge and deal damage to the nearest enemy Hero while dealing half damage to others nearby. This ability will also slow them down by 40% for three seconds. Players can choose either of these abilities once Lili reaches level 10.

Built primarily for support, players can take advantage of Lili’s abilities by creating the following build. This increases Lili’s support capabilities at the expense of any offensive enhancements that may have been possible.

Healing Ward or Path of the Wizard – activates a healing location that restores 2% max health to those within the area for 10 seconds (Healing Ward) or increases max mana and mana regeneration as players level up (Path of the Wizard)

Protective Shield – provides a shield to a target ally for 5 seconds

The Good Stuff – increases the effect of Healing Brew by 25 percent

Jug of 1,000 Cups – heals multiple allies over 6 seconds. Also restores mana for all targets expect Lili herself

Shrink Ray – reduces an enemy target’s damage and movement by 50% for 4 seconds

Two for One – Healing Brew now affects two targets instead of one

Jug of 1000000 Cups – increases the rate that brews are thrown over the same period by two once Jug of 1000 Cups is activated

This build was designed to maximize Lili’s healing and protective abilities. However, this build is essentially useless if there are no allies to target, so being close at hand along with teammates is essential to make the most of this kit.

For those who want Lili to have a little bit of offensive capabilities as well, then this is the recommended build. Take note, though, that no build will ever make Lili a tank type or major damage dealer as her damage is relatively weak.

Mass Vortex – Blinding Wind hits five enemies instead of just three

Bringer of Gifts – Cloud Serpent heals the target ally as well as attacks along with the hero

The Good Stuff – same reason as above

Water Dragon – summons a dragon that deals large damage to a target enemy but also deals damage to others around it. Also has a 3 second slowing effect

Ice Block – makes Lili invulnerable for 3 seconds

Magical Essence – Increases the range of starting abilities by 25 percent

Double Dragon – provides Lili with the ability to call on two Water Serpents instead of one when using Water Serpent heroic ability

This build gives Lili more of a punch when used offensively, but compromises her abilities as a support class character. Healing is minimized, and since the character will more or less not make too much of an impact when attacking opponents, this build is not really encouraged unless for the most skilled of players.

The best way to use Lili is as a support character. This means that she should be most often found in the rear of group fights, replenishing the health and mana of allies and darting in only when she has high health remaining and when she would call upon abilities such as Blinding Wind which would protect her team from attacks for a limited time as well. Given her high survivability, Lili can withstand splash and most area attacks, but would need to watch over her mana as Healing Brew and other support abilities would be useless without them.

Lili should never attack in a one on one battle as even though she can take some damage, she wouldn’t have a chance to take down enemies with stronger health with her mediocre attacks. For this reason, always hang back and tail other stronger allies that have better attack stats and abilities.

Pros and Cons
Lili is a great character for those who don’t want to focus on attacks. She can call upon abilities with relatively little mana, and her healing and support abilities would greatly prolong her team’s life if used properly. She is also better when standing close to multiple teammates rather than with just one since her Jug of 1000 Cups ability would be wasted otherwise.

The problem with Lili is that there’s a great risk for her to spam abilities, so players should really watch out for her mana stores as she is essentially useless when just using basic attacks. With that, hanging back and letting others take the brunt of the offensive while hanging back and regenerating mana is essential so that you can come back and help out your allies at a later time.

Tips and Tricks
Players will have to rely on Lili’s brew and serpent abilities as her main abilities. Healing will of course support herself and her allies, while Cloud Serpent is recommended so that you’ll have extra hands when making an attack. The latter is also bolstered if the Bringer of Gifts talent is chosen as it will provide healing effects as well.

Under no circumstances should you choose Water Serpent over Jug of 1000 Cups as the former should only be used if you do not have a lot of confidence towards your team’s offensive capabilities. Focus more on your support abilities and throw out Blinding Wind from time to time in order to deal damage and blind opponents. Otherwise, keep to the sidelines and throw in the occasional brew or call upon the Cloud Serpent to help out.

If you would need to go to the front lines, then keeping a respectable distance from enemies is important a Lili is classified as a ranged fighter. Use her trait to get away once allies are strong enough to take the load. If by chance you have chosen Water Serpent as your heroic ability, then call upon this before retreating so that allies can rush in and deal lots of damage to enemies that have been slowed.

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