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Nov 4, 2018
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Mountain or man? The Mountain King Muradin from the Warcraft franchise seems like a little bit of both. Boasting dual weapons of pure destruction, Muradin seems like the perfect tank character, but building him right is essential as otherwise he’d just be fodder to more skilled players – even as they control lower level characters. With that, here is all the information that you need if you want to control Muradin and be the best asset that you can for your team.

Muradin, also known by the title Mountain King, is a warrior that hails from the Bronzebeard clan. A former liaison working with the Royal Family, Muradin grew close to Prince Arthas and taught him everything that he knew about combat. Tragedy struck, however, as Arthas was influenced by the cursed weapon Frostmourne, turning him into the evil Lich King. Muradin failed in preventing the conversion, and after a bout of amnesia, he turned up once more in order to take up the mantle left by his brother King Magni as leader of the Bronzebeard clan.

Muradin has two weapons in his employ, namely a hammer and an axe. Both are huge in size, and logically both will be able to deal tons of damage. These weapons are effective both as melee weapons as well as when thrown. Muradin’s physical prowess other than his strength is also emphasized, as he is able to throw enemies with ease as well as jump in order to attack or leap out of danger. Lastly, Muradin can call upon his dwarf powers to become a being of stone, dealing heavy damage to any enemies foolish enough to stand in his way.

Build Guide
Muradin’s trait is one of the best in the game, as it allows players to regenerate their health faster for as long as they do not take any damage within six seconds. The rate by which health regenerates increase as health reaches below thirty percent. The values will also increase as players level up their character.

Muradin also has three starting abilities, namely Stormbolt, Thunderclap, and Dwarf Toss. The first ability, Stormbolt (60 mana cost, 10 seconds cooldown) lets Muradin throw a hammer and deal as well as stun the first enemy that it hits. Thunderclap (50 mana cost, 8 seconds cooldown), on the other hand, deals damage and slows enemies within a range. Lastly, Muradin can also use Dwarf Toss (65 mana cost, 12 seconds cooldown) which allows him to leap out of danger and deal damage to areas within his landing spot. Damage dealt as well as range may increase as Muradin levels up or learns talents.

Heroic abilities can be learned at level 10, and Muradin can choose between two, namely Avatar and Haymaker. Both abilities require 100 mana, although Haymaker requires only a 50 second cooldown while Avatar requires 100 seconds. Avatar turns Muradin into a gigantic stone being for 20 seconds, and this allows him to deal large damage to enemies as well as stun them. Haymaker, on the other hand, deals massive damage to the target enemy and knocks him back. Enemies hit by the enemy will also get knocked back and dealt minimal damage as well.

As Muradin levels up, he is able to learn different talents which would provide him with additional abilities as well as make his abilities and statistics more effective and formidable. Players may only choose one from each tier, and this would define the long term growth of their character as they continue to level up and fight.

If you want to build a tanky, attack absorber Muradin, then the following build is recommended.

Path of the Warrior – health is increased greatly as Muradin levels up

Third Wind – further improves Second Wind trait as well as increases faster health regeneration limits to 40 percent

Avatar – aside from an increase in strength, more health is also provided while in stone form

Spell Shield – reduces damage taken from enemy’s abilities by 50 percent

Stoneform – heals up to 40% of your health over eight seconds. Second Wind, however, will be disabled during this period

Unstoppable Force – increases duration of Avatar and reduces duration of Crowd Control during Avatae form

This build sacrifices increased damage and other crowd control effects in exchange for survivability. This will allow you to absorb more punishment which would make Muradin great as a real tank, especially if you have other members that can deal damage while you act as their shield. However, this build does not have a lot of teeth offensively, and no matter how much and how quickly you regenerate health, you’d get killed really fast if you’re out by your lonesome and surrounded by enemies from all sides.

If you want to take advantage of Muradin crowd control abilities and even add in an extra bit of punch in your attacks, then you can try to do this build instead

Infused Hammer or Reverberation – Infused Hammer allows you to regain 45 mana with each hit, while Reverberation slows all enemy attacks by 2 seconds should they get hit by Thunderclap.

Skullcracker or Thunderburn – both have stun or slow effects which can be beneficial depending on whether you hit specific (Skullcracker) or area based (Thunderburn) targets

Piercing Bolt – allows Stormbolt to hit one additional target, damaging and stunning them as well

Avatar – same reason as above. Haymaker would also be recommended if you prefer to control crowds by knocking them back

Any talent in Tier 5 based on your personal preference, although Healing Static is a good choice

Imposing Presence or Heavy Impact – any choice between the two. Imposing Presence slows enemies that hit you, while Heavy Impact stuns enemies hit by Dwarf Toss

Unstoppable Force or Haymaker – depends on which heroic ability you chose

This build is great if you want Muradin to serve as support for your team. Although you will last for a shorter period as a tank, your character will have tons of abilities that will allow your team members to rain attacks on them as enemies would either be slowed or stunned. This build only works if you have fast teammates that can bring on the pain and take advantage of your vast crowd control abilities.

Muradin is meant to be hit, and he is quite capable of dealing out punishment in return. Although the builds mentioned above represent the extremes by which you can evolve your character, a blend of the two will still be the best. Balance out health based talents for those that will allow you to benefit from Muradin’s crowd control abilities. Talents that will enhance your character’s abilities aren’t really worth it, so focus more on those that can either make your character be more of a tank type fighter, or turn him into a character that can really turn enemies into sitting ducks as your allies wail on them.

It is also recommended that you do not use Muradin’s abilities nonchalantly, as he can very easily burn through his mana stores. The Infused Hammer talent is great as it can quickly replenish your mana. Don’t spam too much on using abilities, however, as even though Muradin has short cooldown periods, you might find yourself running out of mana too quickly to make any use of your ready to activate abilities.

Pros and Cons
Muradin is the archetypical tank, provided with high health and great attack abilities. His Avatar ability also makes him a real damage dealer with the added benefit of stunning enemies. Muradin can also do hit and run tactics as the Second Wind trait will allow him to regenerate health quickly. However, he is slower than most characters, so there’s always the risk of him getting run down before he can make full use of this ability.

Muradin also has a shortage when it comes to mana, so spamming abilities is really not something that players controlling the character should do. Players must be able to pick the best opportunities to activate abilities so as to not waste them and to maximize their effects. Keep an eye on your mana and build your character to be able to survive either multiple attacks from multiple enemies, or to be able to slow or stun them so that you can either escape and/or have your allies deal with them until you’re ready to fight again.

Tips and Tricks
Muradin is best played with a quick ally or allies that can dart in and out of the action quickly. They will serve as both support as well as dart in whenever Muradin stuns or slows enemies. They should also be strong enough to halt any offensive volleys as Muradin runs away and recovers. Avatar should also be the ability to spam as it is far superior than Haymaker, especially if you want to run into the middle of the battle and attack anything that moves.

Don’t be blinded by Muradin’s high health, however, especially if you are left alone in the field as multiple enemies ganging up on you can easily take you down. Muradin is never the best character to control if you want to be the lone wolf in your team. You might do respectably enough in one on one combat, but you’ll absolutely get murdered if you’re ganged upon.

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