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Nov 4, 2018
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Beneath Rehgar Earthfury’s vicious appearance lies a peaceful soul. The Shaman of the Earthen Ring is not to be underestimated, though, as he has had his share of battles and will ultimately decimate you if you don’t take this support character seriously. Able to hurt enemies in a number of ways, Rehgar is a powerful character and well-rounded hero that can easily be picked up. If you want to master this Warcraft hero’s abilities, however, then reading this guide is highly recommended.

Rehgar Earthfurty hails from the Warcraft universe. He has seen battle, both personally and by leading a team of warriors. Now, he has set that life aside and has become a shaman. With this, he hopes to bring redemption to his violent past and to finally be able to live a peaceful life.

Rehgar uses a blade attached to his arm as a melee weapon, although this is not where most of his attack and support abilities come from. Rehgar can call upon the elements by calling upon the energies of the world. He can then use these for a variety of effects such as healing as well as dealing damage. Rehgar can also transform himself into a wolf, increasing his mobility and also allowing him to deal extra damage t enemies.

Build Guide
Rehgar’s trait, Ghost Wolf, allows him to turn into a ghost wolf. This is in lieu of a standard mount, and allows Rehgar to move around 30% faster. Attacking while in ghost form will cancel Ghost Wolf, but the attack dealt will be increased by 100%.

For starting abilities, Rehgar has the usual three. Chain Heal (70 mana cost, 9 seconds cooldown) heals a single target while bouncing to two additional allies for about half the original value. Lightning Shield (60 mana, 8 seconds cooldown), electrifies an ally, giving him or her the ability to deal extra damage plus 8 seconds’ damage over time. Lastly, Earthbind Totem (60 mana cost, 15 seconds cooldown) allows Rehgar to summon a totem that would slow down enemies nearby. Totems can either be destroyed or would disappear after 8 seconds.

Heroic abilities include Bloodlust and Ancestral Healing. Bloodlust (125 mana cost, 120 seconds cooldown) increases nearby allies’ attack and movement speeds by 40% and 30%, respectively, while Ancestral Healing restores a large amount of health on a single target. Players can choose among these two abilities once they reach level 10.

Rehgar can be built as either a defensive or offensive support character. Defensive builds will focus on improving healing, while offensive builds will focus on dealing more damage and giving yourself and your teammates more chances to attack and hurt your opponents more.

The example below is an example of a build that concentrates on Rehgar’s defensive support abilities.

Spiritwalker’s Grace or Healing Totem – Spiritwalker’s Grace reduces the mana cost of Chain Heal while Healing Totem allows Rehgar to place a totem that will heal nearby allies for 10 seconds

Chain Reaction or Feral Heart – Chain Reaction heals 25% more health when using Chain Heal on allies with Lightning Shield while Feral Heart increases Rehgar’s health and mana regeneration while in Ghost Wolf form

Earth Shield – Lightning Shield adds damage absorption capabilities over 3 seconds

Ancestral Healing – heals a large amount of health to a single target

Healing Surge – increases the healing abilities of Chain Heal and allows it to bounce to an additional target

Lightning Bond – casts Lightning Shield upon yourself when using it on allies. All upgrades for the ability will also be applicable to yourself

Farseer’s Blessing – fully heals a hero’s health and bounces 25% of health regenerated to nearby allies when using Ancestral Healing

This build minimizes your damage potential, but can pretty much help in sustaining the health of survivability of your entire team. When used properly, your entire team can last in the toughest of fights and your Lightning Shield ability can also help chip away at enemies’ health while blocking some damage as well.

This second build focuses on being able to hurt your opponents. However, this build is not that recommended especially if you don’t have an effective healer among your team. Also, players cannot expect Rehgar to do a lot of damage on his own as all he can do is perform some minor crowd control and give you boosts so that you would be able to attack more effectively. The offensive build for Rehgar is as follows.

Empowering Charge or Colossal Totem – Empowering Change increases the damage of a Lightning Shield target’s 3 basic attacks by 25% while Colossal Totem increases the health of Earthbind Totem as well as widens its range.

Focused Attack or Feral Heart – Focused Attack lets Rehgar deal 50% more damage from basic attacks every ten seconds. This cooldown can be lessened for each basic attack hit.

Earth Shield – same reason as above

Bloodlust – increases attack and movement speed of alllies

Stormcaller or Feral Lunge – Stormcaller decreases both mana cost and cooldown time for Lightning Shield while Feral Lunge increases attack damage bonus while in Ghost Wolf form from 100% to 200%

Blood for Blood – steals 15% of an enemy’s max health and slows them by 30% for three seconds

Gladiator’s War Shout – Bloodlust will affect all allies, including minions and mercenaries, in the field rather than just in the immediate area.

Use this build if you are expecting a quick fight, and where survivability is not an issue. This will allow your team to push forward as you can take advantage of increased damage and slowed opponents in most cases so that you would be able to make an easy kill. Against tougher teams that can deal big damage quickly, however, this particular build will be rendered useless.

Rehgar is a healer above all else. Use Chain Heal liberally, and make sure that allies are crowded together when you do in order to get the ability’s full benefits. Make sure also to use Lightning Shield to your most powerful allies and to buff them for additional damage, healing, or even shields. Your Combat Wolf ability would also come in handy if you need to immediately get close to teammates that are close to death or would otherwise need your assistance. Ghost Wolf can also be used when you yourself are in trouble and you need to move away in order to regroup.

Don’t underestimate, too, the power of the Earthbind Totem. Slowing your enemies will allow your allies to charge in, and this would also give you the chance to retreat and regroup if things get too hairy. If you prefer, you may also choose the Lightning Totem talent so that your totem will also be able to protect itself from attackers. If you can’t do heals, then it would be better to just use the totem so that you and your team will have enough time to move away and recover.

Pros and Cons
Rehgar provides decent damage while having average stats in all other areas. However, this does not make him excel in any other field, thus requiring the support of allies all throughout even as he himself supports them. Rehgar does have amazing healing abilities that are at par with almost everyone in the game, although his abilities, both offensive and defensive in nature, will require targets to be grouped together in order to be more effective.

While having short cooldowns for some abilities, Rehgar does require high amounts of mana. With this, players must ensure that they are able to hit as many targets as possible when it comes to triggering abilities so that they will not go to waste. Also, using support abilities on teammates that are otherwise not skilled in battle will be pretty much useless, no matter how good you play your support character, as mediocre allies will surely fail to take down enemies even if you relentlessly heal them or give them the necessary boosts. Thus, Rehgar’s greatest setback is, due to a lack of a formidable offensive set, he would pretty much have to completely rely on his allies to do most of the damage for him.

Tips and Tricks
Spam Earthbind Totem and Lightning Shield or, if available, Bloodlust so that enemies will become sitting ducks while you have increased attack and movement speed. Make sure also that you have your Chain Heal ability handy for when you would need to heal allies in danger of dying. Always keep an eye out for allies that need your assistance, and quickly switch to Ghost Wolf form in order to reach them fast.

Be on the lookout for crowds that are grouped together, as well. No matter which spell you choose, many would be targeted, and this makes your abilities much more worth it. Make sure that abilities activated will have a big impact in battle as Rehgar does have regularly high mana requirements. If you find yourself running out of mana often, then switch builds that will either reduce mana cost or get the Feral Heart talent which would increase your energy regeneration rate by double.

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