Heroes of the Storm Review

Roviel Villapana

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Sep 18, 2014
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Destructoid 9.5/10

Heroes has a ton of depth, it's very well balanced (though not perfect), and nearly every cast member is a blast to play. It achieves almost everything it sets out to accomplish, so I really hope it catches on with the non-believers and continues to grow.

Escapistmagazine 4/5
Heroes is perhaps the most accessible MOBA ever created - which can either be a good or bad thing for you. Regardless, you're getting Blizzard-level production values - at Blizzard prices, if you choose to spend money. For what it is, Heroes is a great game with some room for improvement. Whether "what it is" appeals to you or not is a matter of personal preference.

Polygon 7.5/10
Blizzard has succeeded in making a more accessible, faster MOBA — but sometimes something feels lost along the way

GameRevolution 4.5/5
Heroes of the Storm has taken huge risk by being an action RTS with an emphasis on team-play and early action, but it's all paid off. It has demonstrated that astutely straying from norms is how you revolutionize a genre. For fans of Blizzard's IPs, it's a game that holds tremendous value despite its free-to-play nature. For others, it's an exceptional multiplayer game that merits consideration.

XGN 9/10
Heroes of the Storm is the newest MOBA game that really conquers our hearts. Blizzard reinvents the MOBA genre with unique features in an easy to grasp game.
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