Heroes of the Storm Spring Season Philippine Qualifier - February 27 2016


Sep 21, 2014
Heroes of the Storm Spring Season Philippine Qualifier

  • 4 Online Qualifier
  • Double Elimination,
    • Upper Bracket, Best of 3
    • Lower Bracket, Best of 1
  • 8 qualification seeds
  • Prizes
    • 1st - PHP 10,000
    • 2nd - PHP 5,000

  • 8 qualified teams
  • Double Elimination,
    • Upper Bracket, Best of 3
    • Lower Bracket, Best of 1
  • All participants must be physically present at the event to compete
  • Prizes
    • 1st PHP 75,000 + Top Seed in SEA Qualifier
    • 2nd PHP 50,000 + 2nd Seed in SEA Qualifier
    • 3rd - PHP 25,000
    • 4th - PHP 10,000
    • 5th to 8th - PHP 5,000
Registration Link : https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1G9-wJJiOnlRNIigWzCwPXRVmVT6x1BUkAeVP3FlfYI8/viewform

Game: One instance of Heroes of the Storm within a Match
Match: A best-of series required to move on to the next round of a tournament. Typically a Best of one, three or five games
Map pool: Maps that have not been played on within a Match

  1. Coin Toss between Team Captains
  2. Winner get to choose between Map Pick and First Pick
  3. The other team will get the remaining choice.
  4. If applicable, losing team of the first game will decide between Map Pick and First Pick
  5. Maps that have been played will be removed from the Map pool for the following games in a match series.
  6. The team that decides to go for “Map Pick” will have to come up with their choice of map within 90 seconds, or the opposing team will be given the option to choose the map on their behalf
    • This is to prevent players from taking too long and have long drawn discussions within the team to come up with a decision (happened quite a few times during our tournament)
  7. Maps will be announced by the team who decided on Map pick before starting the drafting process
  8. Drafting Process
    • Team with First pick will ban 1 hero first
    • Team with Second pick will ban 1 hero next
    • Team with First pick will pick 1 hero next
    • Team with Second pick will pick 2 hero next
    • Team with First pick will pick 2 hero next
    • Team with Second pick will BAN 1 hero next
    • Team with First pick will BAN 1 hero next
    • Team with Second pick will pick 2 hero next
    • Team with First pick will pick their last 2 hero
    • Team with Second pick will finish the draft with 1 last hero pick
  1. All players must be aged 13 and above
  2. All players taking part in the tournament will need to provide proof of residency in the host country of the tournament.
  3. Teams can only take part in a tournament if majority of the players (at least 3 players) on that team are certified residents of that country, the other players must reside within Southeast Asia.
  4. All teams must have 5 (five) players and the maximum of 1 (one) reserve player. A team captain can be part of the appointed roster
  5. Teams that qualified for the next phase of the tournament MUST adhere to the following;
    1. Teams and players are not allowed to take part in any other qualifiers
  6. Roster changes
    1. Teams that do not have a reserve during registration are allowed to appoint a reserve player after they qualify, however the reserve player must not have been a part of any other qualified teams.
    2. Teams are only allowed to remove a maximum of 2 players.
    3. A team will be considered to be disbanded and disqualified if more than 2 players (excluding reserves) leave or are removed from the roster.
    4. New players replacing an existing team player cannot be playing for any other qualified teams within the tournament circuit they are competing in.
    5. Teams that have disbanded and/or are disqualified will be replaced by the next best team in the same qualifier
    6. Registered team captains are to update the Tournament Organizer with any changes made to their roster at least 3 days before the tournament(s) they are scheduled to compete in.
    7. Team captains are required to inform the Tournament Organiser via email and get their acknowledgement of any roster changes; the changes will not be in effect until the Tournament Organisers reply.
  7. Team names and Battle Tags must not be obscene, vulgar and/or offensive in nature. The organiser reserves the right to determine if the chosen handles are acceptable, failing which, the team and/or player will be subject to disqualification, suspension and/or permanent ban as deemed fit by the organisers
  8. All players will need to provide valid identification/passport or documents to verify identity upon request. Failure to provide the requested documentation will warrant the player an immediate disqualification, suspension and/or permanent ban from the tournament
  9. Qualifiers and Open tournaments are based on a first come first serve basis, a successful online registration does not guarantee participation in the tournament
  10. Tournament organisers reserve the right to revoke the eligibility of a team and/or player at any point during the tournament without prior notice
  1. Players are expected to report to the head marshal 10 minutes before their match.
  2. If a team’s full roster isn’t present at match time after:
    1. 0 minutes – Automatic coin flip win to opposing team
    2. 15 minutes – Free bye for game 1 to opposing team
    3. 30 minutes – Team gets disqualified
  3. Teams are to take note that there will be no breaks during a match and/or after a game. Teams are advised to fully utilise down times in between rounds to prepare for the next match.
  4. Any actions that result in an unfair advantage are illegal. This includes bug abuse of any kind.
  5. If a team deliberately leaves a match before it ends, that game will be forfeited and the winning point awarded to the opposing team
  6. Cheating
    1. Eligible Participants must compete to the best of their ability at all times. It is each player’s responsibility to know and understand the rules as they exist during the Tournament period. Any form of cheating will not be tolerated. If the Organizer determines that a player is cheating or otherwise interfering with the Tournament, the player will be immediately disqualified and removed from the tournament and may be restricted from participating in any events in the future, and have all of their licenses to all Blizzard games revoked. Eligible Participants may be requested to install software on their computers for duration of the Tournament which is specially designed to detect cheating. Examples of cheating would include, without limitation:
    2. Actions to intentionally alter or attempt to alter the results of any match, including losing a match with another player to advance one or the other’s position in the Tournament. If the Organizer determines that a player is colluding or match fixing, the player will be immediately disqualified and removed from the Tournament and may be restricted from participating in future events and have all of his or her licenses to all Blizzard games revoked; and
    3. Attempts to interfere with another player’s connection to the Game service through Distributed Denial of Service (DDOs) or any other means; and
  7. Any incidence of Eligible Participants allowing individuals who are not the Eligible Participant to play on an Eligible Participant’s Battle.net account in any of Blizzard games.
  8. All participants are expected to uphold exemplary standards of conduct at all times. Inappropriate and rude behaviors will not be tolerated. Participants who fail to comply will be strictly dealt with.
  1. The following can result in a lost match or other penalties to be assessed against an Eligible Participant who is participating in the Tournament
    1. Once a Tournament match begins, should one or more Eligible Participants on a Team lose their connection to the Battle.net service and ‘drop’, the game will pause. The disconnected player MUST return to the game as soon as possible and continue playing
    2. The game will resume after 10 minutes with the other members of the Team continuing to play with or without the disconnected player
    3. The usage of a player who is not registered as a player or substitute player on a Team’s roster will result in penalties that could include loss of the match, disqualification, or a re-game, at the Marshal’s sole discretion.
    4. If a Team leaves a match before a winner has been determined, that Team then forfeits the match, and may be subject to disqualification
  2. Re-match
    1. In certain situations, the Organizers may require that a match be replayed or “re-matched”, if circumstances exist that in the Organizer’s opinion prevented the match from being decided properly. In such cases, the “re-match” must be played with the same heroes that were drafted for the game that is to be re-matched.
    2. It is the responsibility of the Teams to obtain a screenshot that demonstrates the reasons for a possible re-match, and to deliver that screenshot to the Organizers. In the absence of such evidence, it is unlikely that Organizers will require a re-match
    3. Game issues like talent-gating will warrant a re-match, other issues will have the final decision made by the Marshall.
  1. Participants are allowed to bring their own gaming keyboards, mouse, headphones and mouse pads.
  2. In the event that participant’s gaming equipment malfunctions, players will use the equipment offered by the organizers
  3. Match communication can be done via Skype or any other 3rd party services.
  1. In the event of a dispute, teams are advised to file an official complaint to the organizer at any point of the competition
  2. It is in the team’s best interest to seek recourse immediately. Teams that do not seek immediate recourse may not be prioritized in conflict resolution
  3. All decisions made by the organizer and tournament committee are final
  4. Tournament organizer reserve the right to amend any of the rules stated here without prior written notice
  1. For good and valuable consideration, the receipt and sufficiency of which are hereby acknowledged, Participant hereby irrevocably consents to the use by Blizzard, its parent, affiliates, successors, assigns and anyone acting under the authority or permission of any of the foregoing, the world-wide, royalty free, perpetual right to use Participant’s name, quotes, statements made by Participant, Participant’s biographical or occupational description, as well as Participant’s picture, portrait, likeness, voice or phrases regarding Participant and his work with Blizzard, or any or all of them, in a video or sound recording to be associated with the Activity (the “Media”).

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