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Nov 4, 2018
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One of the more powerful support heroes in the game is Uther the Lightbringer. This paladin from the Warcraft universe is such a useful proponent in battle due to his many abilities that can help out his allies in battles. In addition, he is one of the few heroes where, even in death, he would still continue to serve. Here’s our guide on how to utilize Uther to shed some light into your own team and to cast darkness into the lives of whichever team would be foolish enough to face you.

Uther the Lightbringer earned the title by training under Alonsus Faol. With the ability to wield the Light in battle, Uther helped found the Knights of the Silver Hand which helped the innocents both during war, such as when the Horde attacked anew, as well as in peace.

Eventually, Uther took the young price Arthas Menethil under his wing, training him everything that he knew. Together, they served justice where it is needed and formed a strong bod. However, all of that changed when Arthas was consumed by anger and vengeance and was eventually turned into the Lich King. In the ensuing battle, Uther was slain, but his memory still lingers in the hearts and minds of the most devout followers of the Light.

Uther utilizes a massive hammer which provides him with the ability to deal damage and even stun opponents. This can be used to hit either single or multiple targets at once. In addition, Uther can call upon the powers of Light to support allies, healing them and even granting them certain buffs. Lastly, the powers of Light will also be able to grant Uther with a short span of life even after dying, allowing him to deal damage and support his teammates for a while before disappearing from the field.

Uther’s trait is called Eternal Devotion, and this allows Uther to still be playable and controllable ten seconds after dying. During this period, he becomes invulnerable, and both damage and healing abilities are enhanced by 50%. After the 10 seconds are up, he returns to the altar to await respawn. This trait allows Uther to support his teammates longer, and even more effectively, even for just a short while.

As for starting abilities, Uther has Holy Light, Holy Radiance, and Hammer of Justice. The first one, Holy Light (90 mana cost, 12 seconds cooldown) heals a target ally while Holy Radiance (65 mana cost, 12 seconds cooldown) is a skillshot where in all allies in a line will be healed. All enemies in the same line will also get damaged. Lastly, Hammer of Justice (40 mana cost, 8 seconds cooldown) damages all nearby enemies and also stuns them for 1 second. More abilities may be added and existing ones can be upgraded by choosing the appropriate talents as players level up.

There are two heroic abilities for players controlling Uther to choose from, namely Divine Shield and Divine Storm. Divine Shield (100 mana cost, 90 seconds cooldown) makes an ally invulnerable and increases their movement speed by 3 seconds while Divine Storm (75 mana cost, 70 seconds cooldown) deals damage to enemies within a nearby area and stuns them for 1.5 seconds.

Uther is a very complicated character to build, as he cannot be created to become a real damage dealer or tank. What he is, however, is a good healer and support hero, but players must be able to compensate with ways to both support your own health and energy reserves, or at least your ability to call upon your abilities more often to be of better use to your team.

This first build maximizes Uther’s ability to heal and protect his teammates from getting harmed by tougher opponents, with a little allowance for making sure that you have enough mana and that your abilities are always ready when you need them.

Conjurer’s Pursuit or Blessed Champion – Conjurer’s Pursuit lets Uther gain more mana per second per three regeneration globes collected while Blessed Champion heals nearby allies whenever basic attacks are dealt:

Any – Hammer of the Lightbringer restores 5 mana per basic attack while Protect the Weak allows Uther to regain mana and reduce cooldown times when Holy Light is used on minions or mercenaries. Fist of Justice reduces the cooldown of Hammer of Justice by 1 second whenever basic attacks are used while Protective Shield grants an ally hero with shields that will protect him from 300 damage for 5 seconds.

Wave of Light or Holy Devotion – Wave of Light returns 5 mana and reduces cooldown of Holy Light by 1 second for each unit healed for up to 5 units while Holy Devotion increases your damage and healing while under Eternal Devotion mode.

Divine Shield – makes an ally hero invulnerable and increases their movement speed for 3 seconds

Rewind – reduces the cooldown times of starting abilities by 10 seconds

Hardened Focus or Gathering Radiance – Hardened Focus lets starting abilities cool down faster while Uther is at above 80% health while Gathering Radiance increases the damage and healing of Holy Radiance by 10% for each target hit with a maximum cap of 50%

Bulwark of Light – lets Divine Shield last 1 second longer and heals the target for 40% of his max health

The above build makes sure that you can fully sustain your allies’ health. It also allows you to spam abilities quicker by reducing cooldown times and restoring mana faster.

This next build allows you to make use of your crowd control abilities which, although a bit limited, would still provide you and your allies a chance to pick on specific enemies in order to finish them off with the least possible risk:

Conjurer’s Pursuit or Dense Weightstone – Dense Weightstone increases the damage of Hammer of Justice by 40%

Hammer or the Lightbringer, Protect the Weak, or Fist of Justice – same reasons ass above

Wave of Light or Rebuke – gives Hammer of Justice knockback abilities

Divine Storm – damages and stuns all nearby enemies for 1.5 seconds

Imposing Presence or Hardened Focus – Imposing Presence slows the attack speed of enemies that attack you by 30%

Divine Hurricane – increases the range of Divine Storm and decreases its cooldown time by 20 seconds

Still with some talents which allow you to activate abilities faster, this build makes Uther more dangerous as it takes advantage of his area of effect stun abilities which can quickly turn the tide in your favor especially when it hits multiple enemies at once.

The best strategy for Uther will depend on how you intend to use this intense character. If you want to focus more on healing, then staying on the background will be best. This will allow you to be safe from dying while you support your teammates. Uther can absorb some damage, too, and dying isn’t really all that bad especially with his passive trait activating. Dying can pretty much let your allies gain a vast majority of their health and, at the very least, give you a chance to let you give off one last blast to incapacitate your opponents.

Crowd control Uther will also need to be within the range of enemies. Area of effect abilities such as Hammer of Justice and Divine Storm can really set the pace for your team especially if you can get multiple hits. Further talents will allow you to shorten the cooldown times of your abilities and some will even refund the mana that you have used. Just keep an eye on your energy and use the appropriate ability whenever the situation presents itself, whether it be to be able to heal allies in need, or to stop opponents in their tracks.

Pros and Cons
Uther is categorized as a support/tank hybrid, although he is not the best in both fields. His support abilities is mostly limited to healing, of which he excels in, as well as the periodic granting of allies invulnerability which can also come pretty handy. He can also stun multiple enemies which will only be useful if you can take advantage of this situation.

Unfortunately, Uther is not a huge damage dealer and cannot take down enemies with large health alone even when they are stunned. He also has high mana requirements in order to spam abilities. With enough energy, however, he is very effective especially since his healing and stun capabilities are redundant in nature. Just make sure to keep him away from enemies that can silence him as he will be pretty much useless if his abilities are taken away.

Tips and Tricks
Holy Radiance is an ability that should not be overlooked. This serves a dual purpose that, when used properly, can provide a double whammy for opponents. Uther also possesses two other support abilities, so use them on a friend in need, especially on someone that can benefit your team more such as a tank or an assassin that will be more helpful if they survive for just a little bit longer on the field.

Launch your area of effect attacks not only to set enemies up, but use this as a deterrent to keep them spread out. Most enemies are dangerous when grouped together, so make sure that you use their fear of your abilities to your advantage. Single out opponents for you to be able to gang up on him, or stun everyone and blitz a specific target to take him out quickly. If you can, wail away with basic attacks as well as the appropriate talents will reduce both mana and cooldown times, allowing you to repeat the process of stunning or healing indefinitely.

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