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Nov 4, 2018
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Coming from the Starcraft universe is the Dark Prelate, Zeratul. A melee assassin, Zeratul can be a big headache to opposing teams when used correctly. This character is designed for stealth and for making kills, so taking him down early should be any team’s priority. Your job, however, is to not make it easy for them, which is why you should read through this guide in order to be able to build and control Zeratul much more effectively.

Zeratul serves as the prelate of an offshoot of the prelate race. Zeratul, along with a handful of others, refused to be linked together via the Khala, and it is through this decision that they were able to survive the threat of the zerg, among other challenges that befell them. Through his existence, he was able to participate in multiple battles to help preserve his race, and his role was crucial in several wars between the protoss and the zerg.

Despite the death of the zerg Overmind and the protoss matriarch Raszagal, Zeratul has continued with his mission, primarily fueled by his hatred towards Kerrigan, the Queen of Blades. How this rivalry would end is anyone’s guess, but it is certain that the battle between the Dark Templar and the Queen of Blades, and the repercussions of these, would be epic and far reaching.

Zeratul possess vast psionic powers as well as blade that he can use to channel these abilities. Aside from dealing melee damage, his blade also provides different effects such as slow. In addition, his psionic abilities also grant him cloaking abilities and teleportation. Both abilities can be used to sneak in on enemies for an unsuspecting blow as well as for an effective means to escape any type of danger. This can also be used to put yourself in a more advantageous position for both offensive or defensive strategies.

Build Guide
Zeratul’s trait is similar to Nova’s. His Permanent Cloak ability allows him to become cloaked 2.5 seconds after not attacking, getting attacked, or channeling. Performing any of the aforementioned actions will remove the cloak. This ability is essential as stealth is Zeratul’s primary advantage among other heroes.

For starting abilities, Zeratul has Singularity Spike, Cleave, and Blink. Singularity Spike (60 mana cost, 12 seconds cooldown) lets Zeratul target one hero and flings a spike that will hit and damage the first enemy it strikes. In addition, the enemy will also be slowed by 40% for 3 seconds. Cleave (40 mana cost, 6 seconds cooldown), on the other hand, deals damage to an area of enemies. Lastly, Blink (75 mana cost, 10 seconds cooldown) allows Zeratul to teleport to a different location without removing cloak effect. These abilities can be improved and others can be added by choosing the right talents as players level up.

Players have two heroic abilities to choose from when playing as Zeratul. Shadow Assault (100 mana cost, 100 seconds cooldown) provides Zeratul with 20% increase in attack speed when performing basic attacks for 6 seconds. This also has an added effect of letting you charge at enemies. On the other hand, Void Prison (100 mana cost, 100 seconds cooldown) traps all targets, allies and enemies alike, and makes them invulnerable for 5 seconds.

Zeratul can be built in multiple ways, but the best builds will take advantage of Zeratul’s ability to do damage as well as to push enemies. A combination of healing and defense talents is also recommended to increases chances of survivability. The first build, listed below, will focus more on giving Zeratul a more tank like play style.

Regeneration Master or Block – Regeneration Master permanently provides Zaratul with regeneration for each 3 regeneration globes collected while Block periodically reduces damage received from basic attacks by 50%

Vampiric Assault or Gathering Power – Vampiric Assualt lets Zeratul receive 15% of basic attack damage dealt as health while Gathering Power lets Zeratul gain additional ability power for each hero that he kills for up to 12% total increase

First Aid or Rending Cleave – First Aid heals Zeratul for about 11% of his total health over 6 seconds while Rending Cleave adds additional damage to Cleave which is dealt over five seconds

Shadow Assault – allows Zeratul to charge at enemies when performing basic attacks for 6 seconds, also lets Zeratul attack at 20% increased attack speed, allowing for more damage

Giant Killer or Burning Rage – Giant Killer adds damage to basic attacks total to 1.5% of the enemy’s max health while Burning Rage gives Zeratul the ability to deal damage to all enemies around him

Executioner or Double Bombs – Executioner lets Zeratul deal more basic attack damage to enemies under crowd control while Double Bombs allows Zeratul to cast Singularity Spike again 3 seconds after casting the first one

Fury of the Storm or Nerazim Fury – Fury of the Storm provides splash damage to enemies equal to 50% of basic attack damage dealth while Nerazim Fury grants 30% life steal and increases the duration of Shadow Assault

The above build provides a balance of being able to deal high damage while also helping you sustain yourself should you get forced to do battle with more powerful enemies. Make sure to not just focus on just offense or just defense as you might find yourself in a predicament especially if the enemy has a superior strategy than you.

The next build gives you more control over the map, whether it be for positioning yourself or by leading your team forwards. This also provides you with more crowd control abilities that you and your allies can take advantage of much more effectively.

Greater Cleave – increases the radius of Cleave by 30%

Sustained Anomaly – using Singularity Spike gives it splash damage as well as slows nearby enemies regardless if it results in a successful hit or not

Shadow Spike – Singularity Spike range is increased by 20% and does not cause you to decloak

Void Prison – traps all targets and makes them invulnerable for 5 seconds

Wormhole or Assassin’s Blade – Wormhole lets you call on Blink again, returning you to your original spot. On the other hand, Assassin’s Blade lets Zeratul gain 25% increase in attack damage when attacking from cloaked status. This also provides you with 10% movement speed while you are cloaked.

From the Shadows – Cleave deals 30% increased damage when used while cloaked

Protective Prison – Void Prison affects enemies only

Out of the above talents for the recommended build, make sure to get both Void Prison and Protective Prison as these two, when combined together, will give you amazing crowd control abilities, the extent of which would be discussed later on. The other talents in the kit is recommended as most of them would take advantage of your cloaking ability which is essential for success in controlling Zeratul.

The best strategy when using Zeratul is to move around. Take advantage of your cloaking ability and move about in order to confuse enemies. This will also allow yourself to get into position to strike once the situation presents itself. Use Cleave for multiple targets while Singularity Strike is best for enemies that are by their lonesome. It would also be wise to properly coordinate with your team so as to herd enemies either together or apart so that you would be able to pick your victims better.

Take note, however, that your cloak has its limits. Using it when attacking will reveal yourself, so make sure that you have a place to run. Don’t rely on cloak also when you are in a confined space, as an area of effect attack will readily be able to reveal you. During this time, a Blink ability would come in handy, so make sure that you have enough mana for you to teleport away from danger when needed.

Pros and Cons
As with most assassins, mobility is Zeratul’s main advantage. This compensates for his relatively weak defenses, which you can actually bolster with the appropriate talents. However, even the best build will not allow you to survive an onslaught against multiple enemies at once, and with nowhere to run or hide to, you’ll be a sitting duck in no time. Thus, using the Blink ability when necessary should be a skill that you should master.

It is also important to be able to closely coordinate with your teammates, as having a solid plan will surely be able to make you utilize Zeratul’s full potential. Whether it be giving you a means to escape or by engaging enemies so that you can sneak up and give a killing blow, communicating with teammates is integral, and on the flip side, you’ll be rendered pretty much useless except for being able to deal minimal damage without allies’ support.

Tips and Tricks
Void Prison can be a very effective tool for multiple purposes, especially when partnered with the Protective Prison talent. It can be used to escape from attacking enemies, and it can also be used to render enemies immobile while you push forward in a map. Perhaps most importantly. Void Prison allows you and your allies to move around the map and put yourself in a better position to either attack enemies once the ability’s effect wears off, or you can use this ability to gang up on enemies that are not trapped by the spell.

Zeratul is also gifted with abilities that provide slow. This can also be used for both offensive and defensive purposes. Don’t forget to utilize your cloak and Blink abilities, too, as these can be used to save yourself from death as well as to put you in a better position to strike down enemies before they realize what is happening.

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