Heroes of the Storm's Free Mount

Discussion in 'MMO' started by LockDown, Dec 15, 2015.

  1. LockDown


    The beginning of the winter event for the Heroes of the Storm is now officially released. Basically a winter - themed content gives the essence of Christmas, also free ride for a limited time is being offered so hurry up and get yours.

    Treasure Goblin mount is inspired similar to Diablo 3, the special mount will be available to all players who played in the Winter Veil event, also the mount can be chose during in game matches, the availability depends on the length of event and cant permanently unlock or buy it.


    Also during the event, you'll have the chance to earn free Stimpacks (which boost the amount of in-game experience and gold you earn from playing). By playing 15 games during the event, you'll get a 4-day Stimpack. Make it to 50 games, and you'll get an additional 10-day Stimpack. Thankfully, each match you play will count toward both of these quests; you won't need to play through 15 and then an additional 50 following that.

    source via gamespot

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