HeroVersus: A Fighting Game with Cross-platform for PC and Mobile, Closing in this Year!

Fighting games are that kind of games that are both popular and niche at the same time. What I mean in regards to this is that it's popular to watch and play casually as it can be a breath of enjoyment to those who want to have a semi-competitive game with a friend but the goal is not to win most of the time, but to have fun, think of something like Smash. However, if you decide to go competitive that's where you draw the line as you need to be more technical on things that can be pretty tricky. Therefore, it is really an oxymoron that it is popular yet niche at the same time. However, one game plans to break the mold and be both, let's see what this game can provide.


HeroVersus is a game that is coming to both PC and Mobile. Interestingly enough, they plan to add a crossplay function to the game. Which is both interesting and risky if you ask me. Interesting because having a crossplay function means that a huge player pool can be selected for better match making capabilities. You no longer need to wait for long queue times to play a match. One of the reasons that people play on mobile because they need the portability since they don't have much time to play that much so having a short queue time for a match or two is great!

However, that also leads us to the risky part. In terms of gameplay, if crossplaying is available, that means that PC and Mobile players can be matched which leads us to the problem that sometimes the frame rates and ping of the two devices may matter on their fight. If the Mobile players are having a hard time connecting to the internet, they may have lag which results to player having advantage to another. But same goes for the other side if they are playing in a potato system and the other one is playing on a gaming smartphone. But then again, it really just depends on which system the player plays the game at.

Though, you really got to admit that having the ability to crossplay means that if you only have a great phone and your friend has an amazing PC setup means you can play togethet for some good ol fun! This is a great way to bridge the gap for those who have these stuff yet not be able to play due to some requirements. But they also wish that HeroVersus would be the way to pave the esports scene for those who wish to attempt the game. The fighting game genre needs more players in the esports scene so they wish that this game would provide an avenue for those who wish to start playing fighting games in a huge scene. Therefore, they are also asking pro players to check the game out, and tell their thoughts.

HeroVersus b.jpg

HeroVersus is on a closed beta test in PC right now and the mobile, the game is available in certain regions, lucky for us, the Philippines is selected among them as you can try and download "HeroVersus GO BETA" by TheVersusCorp in the Play Store right now! There would be various game modes to select from including Ranked that the devs promised it won't be a pay-to-win type of game. However do expect in-app purchases since the game will be free-to-play so go get it if you want to try it.

The mobile gaming industry is starting to really come alive with the games coming, I, for one accept this change and hope for the better. I might try to play HeroVersus when I decide to take a break in my other games, what about you, tell us in the comments section below!