Hey Guys! New here and already seems like a lovely community


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Jul 5, 2023
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Full Name
Muave Nicholas
This is Muave. My discord id is "purpleclash", feel free to drop in a friend request :)

I am currently working for a gaming company that has recently launched a game called "Clash". The game is soon to launch globally, but it has initiated public testing in The Philippines. Would love to talk more about it. You can download it right now from Playstore and Appstore as well!
Other than this, I was into video games since my childhood, mostly into games like Tomb Raider, God of War, COD: MW, Spiderman, Street Fighter, Sekiro, and Forza Horizon. My favorite right now is Elden Ring (yes, I'm still playing).
I am very active on Discord and I organize events as well.

This is our Clash Discord Community, feel free to hop in!

Thank you