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October Geek

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Feb 27, 2017
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Hello,I just created my account and I'm just your typical Filipino gamer.

Ever since my uncle built a computer shop,I've been hooked to playing pc games.

My first game that I played was RAN Online (that time it was still being handled by egames,I still play my account sometimes in RAN GS).That's why I like playing MMORPGs.I'm currently playing Tree Of Savior in Steam,its similar to Ragnarok.I also play some Games like Special Force 1 and 2,CS GO,League of Legends,and some GTA San Andreas just for nostalgic times(I also play other GTA games).

I create concept game assets like guns,swords,weapons,vehicles and etc as a personal hobby.
You can check out my blog; octobersandwich.tumblr.com