Hi guys! Just joined and...


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Mar 5, 2017
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I have a YouTube gaming channel and saw a post here sharing and helping each other out not just by subscribing but maybe giving help, feedback, and suggestions. I just restarted recording and setting up my channel and clearly it is not up to the standards(yet) but another reason why i joined PINOYGAMER was to look for other/new gaming YouTubers here that might want to do a collaboration together, setup a group that can play, record and have fun with each other will sharing what we make afterwards. Solo is a good thing but I think combining thoughts, ideas, and stuff we could help each other out. It would also help if we could record in English so we won't limit what we create just for the Philippines but Worldwide(baby steps). So I hope and if anyone considers this just hit me up!

Here is my YT channel (nothing that might catch your eye yet but in time) :


Thanks guys! Take care and have fun.