Hi Guys!!! Just want to share our game JoliPipe

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  1. JoliPipe

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    JoliPipe is a mobile app that you will enjoy while challenging your brain

    [unique game system]
    You can play offline.
    Use the pipes collected in the inventory.
    Every planet has a different mission to accomplish.
    Compete and compare ranks with friends.
    Items include time extension, bomb removal, perfect plan, and a whole lot more!
    The mission is not over!
    Time is running out! Hurry up! Tighten every pipe as fast as possible before the bomb explodes. An addictive puzzle game that boosts your adrenaline as the time ticks away. JoliPipe!!!

    You can also add us up on Facebook and message us with your comment and suggestions
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    Download now!!!

    For Android

    Earth was beautiful but it was devastated. The main mission is to connect the planets in the solar system in order to save the Earth. You will be sent on expeditions for finding the necessary resources from other planets to ensure Earth's revival.

    JoliPipe uses all the starting pipes set for each stage which are randomly delivered by the conveyor belt. Consolidate the number of pipes needed within the time limit. Plan accordingly, try to all obstacles and be at ease of the time constraints of the missions for every planet.
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