Hi, I am Japanese, introduce myself and have a question.


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Dec 25, 2018
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Hi, I am new on this forum thus I want to introduce myself and also have a question.

I am Japanese and grew up in Tokyo. Recently I have an opportunity to teach Japanese to my different nationalities friends as volunteer activity. I have left what I taught in each lesson as blog. Recording everything as blog makes me easily remember what I taught in the activities. I think it could be good to share my blog and it might be helpful for someone learning Japanese.

So, I have a question, if I try to post something related to the topic learning Japanese,

Is there appropriate category to post and talk about the topic about learning Japanese in this forum?
Or is there more appropriate other forum in Philippines?

This is my Japanese learning record blog and recent post.

# 12 Negative sentence - Noun じ ゃ な い で す ver.1.1

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