Hi, I am Zepto (twitch.tv/zepto_games)

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Mar 15, 2018
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Negros Battleground / Tulisan Squad
Hi Pinoy Gamers, I just want to introduce my self, as I am new to the streaming industry.I stream games like PUBG, CS-GO, TruckerMP (ETS2) and any other games. I usually stream PUBG for fun with my squad also I have my own community for Negros Gamers who play also PUBG. We have a discord server, so feel free to join us if you know how to speak ilonggo/hiligaynon/cebuano/bisaya ( https://discord.me/NegrosBattleground ). You can watch me stream in my twitch channel @ . I've decided to join the PinoyGamer Community to get a help tips/idea and help from you guys, hope you can help me. Cheers and nice to be in this community!

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