Highlights for LOL’s Upcoming 10.4 Patch Update: Blood Moon Skin, Buffed and Nerfed Champions

Due to the incoming holidays, League of Legends newest 10.4 patch update will not going live today but players will have to wait until February 20, 2020 before they can get their hands filled with new changes made by Riot especially for champions who have gone too OP lately like the top lane Soraka and Sona meta as well as making Aphelios’s skills much easier to understand for every player. In addition to this, other Champions underwent a revamped on their skills to make them a viable and competitive jungle pick.

Here are the highlights that you should check out before heading out to the League next week.


Sona’s skill such as Hymn of Valor, Aria of Perseverance and Song of Celerity will have an increase mana cost to avoid that abusive skill spammer gamestyle while her Auras will grant Sona's mana to first ally tag.

Soraka on the other hand will undergo much more changes as her base stats are adjusted to balance her top lance potency. Her Starcall skill also decrease its self-heal and Rejuvenation duration as well as the movement speed it provides with an increase on its mana consumption. On the other hand, its Astral Infusion health cost will decreased when Soraka is rejuvenated. The healing effect of this skill was also increased significantly.


Aphelios seems to become the talk of the town champion due the difficulty of keeping track of the weapon combos he is currently using; such problem can be a pain for both players that using him or battling against him. With the upcoming patch, Aphelios’s guns can now be seen by both players. His Caliburm skill will no longer resets his attack timer right after consuming a mark and his Crescendum sentries will received much larger amount of damage both from ranged and AOE attacks. Finally, the range of his Moonlight Vigil will be reduced from 1600 to 1300.


Aurelion Sol’s Star Gentle Creator will received a damage reduction for the next patch as well as his Celestial Expansion’s active star damage which go down from 50% to 40%.


There is a significant decrease in Singed’s early ability to Tank with the reduction of his base stats. His health will be decrease to 580 and his armor to 34.


Riot give the following champions a well deserved buffed that will let them play effectively and efficiently the Jungle role and consequently giving the players more options for the upcoming patch as compare to the previous patch with smaller pool of jungle champions:


Darius’s Hemorrhage damage will now deal 120% to all monsters and his Decimate Heal can now heals from large monsters.


Diana’s passive skill Moon Silver Blade has now up its damage to 150% on non-epic monsters.


Garen’s Judgement skill can now inflict a total 150% damage to non-epic monsters. In addition to this, Garen’s Decisive Strike will increase his empowered basic attack damage to 0.5 and his Courage skill increases Garen’s bonus armor and magic resistance by 10% after max resistances from enemy kills and also make his shield provides more bonus health.


Gnar’s hyper base maximum bonus damage to all monsters is now straight 300 on all levels. In addition to this, Gnar will also received increase base stat on his movement speed from 325 to 335. His passive Rage Gene decrease its bonus movement speed buff on his mini-Gnar form while his R skill GNAR! received an increase in damage ratio.


Mordekaiser’s passive skill Darkness Rise increase its damage output from 15-100 to 25-120 from leves 1 to 18.


Talons’ Blade’s End will deal 120% damage to all monsters.


Zed’s Contempt for the Weak has increased monster damage of 100% while its maximum damage output will be increasing against monsters by 200/350/500 (levels 1,7, 17).


Other heroes that received major buff for players to maximize their usage includes Amumu with increase on its dash speed for Bandage Toss and decreased cooldown for his skill Cursed of the Dead Mummy. Udyr’s time between his stance changes per Cloud Drake buff will also be decreased and his passive Monkey’s Ability will now get 5% off his global cooldown per Cloud Drake Buff.

Sylas’s Chain Lash base damage has now increased up to 120 on its maximum level. Rammus has also given an improvement on his AS and AS ratio while Lux doesn’t only received increase damage, damage ratio and cooldown reduction on his Light Binding skill but also players can now Flash while casting his Final Spark.

Jayce can now somehow spam his abilities with its increase in base mana and mana growth while the base damage of his skill To The Skies! also received an increase damage output up to 255. Caitlyn’s user will also enjoy the increase on her bonus AS at level 1 to continue harassing their opponent.


New Blood Moon Skin for Master Yi, Katarina and Tryndamere, tons of bugs have been fixed as well as changes made on Runes and exhaust and a whole lot more awaits for LOL players on Feb 20 once 10.4 starts to go live. For those who can’t wait any longer, you can check out the official website of League of Legends for its detailed patch notes to get ahead of your game. Comment on the thread below and tell us what excites you most for the next LOL patch update!
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