Hinatazaka46 Romance Simulation RPG “Hinakoi” Pre-Registration Is Now Open iOS Android 

That game title is so weird that it may have caught your attention just like it did to me. It's easy to deduct that it's a Japanese game with a romance RPG genre. But, what does it exactly mean? You can get amazed and laugh with me as we explore this game bit by bit. So before we start, let me introduce the game first. Satisfy your romance curiosity with 10ANTZ's “Hinakoi”(ひなこい), also known as Hinatazaka46.

Hinatazaka46 Romance Simulation a.png

The members of Hinatazaka46, a Japanese female idol group, are the core characters of this game. You basically have the gist of what the game has to offer - romance simulation with the Hinatazaka46 members. It's my first time seeing this kind of simulation game in my entire gaming life. I don't know about you, but I have never seen a simulation game that uses actual humans as characters and actual human acting as animations. That's amazing and weird at the same time.

Hinatazaka46 Romance Simulation b.png

Before anyone points it out, I'll give the credit to this gameplay image to QooApp Game News already. This is footage of the game and, as you can see, you're basically playing with them. Isn't it amazing and magical? Spending time with these waifus and trying to enjoy the simulated romantic life with these Japanese artists does feel like heaven.

Hinatazaka46 Romance Simulation c.png

I don't know if a harem may exist in this game. Because if it does, I will definitely pay for a VPN and learn Nihonggo real quick to play this game. Just kidding tho. As for the story details of the game, it seems that you'll play as a transferee of Hinatazaka High School. And you'll experience the bittersweet romance between each Hinatazaka46 artists as schoolmates.


As for the pre-registration rewards, here's the milestone list:
  • 10,000: Hinata Stone x 300 (for 1 time gacha)​
  • 30,000: Hinata Stone x 900 (for 3 times gacha)​
  • 50,000: Hinata Stone x 1,500 (for 5 times gacha)​
  • 100,000: Original Goods for 20 players selected by lottery​
  • 200,000: Hinata Stone x 3,000 (for 10 times gacha)​
Hinatazaka46 Romance Simulation d.png

How do you pre-register? Well, it's relatively easy. You just navigate to the link I'll provide below and pre-register via Email, or by following the Official Twitter page, or by adding LINE friends. And, oh, just make sure you can read the Japanese language of course. For us here in the Philippines, VPN, or brute installation will always be options.

Well, that's it! I can now bid you good luck on your journey to having a digital romance simulation with the Hinatazaka46 cute members. And I'm giving all the credits and good wishes to 10ANTZ for the images and content I've included here. If you enjoyed the content, come and join us in our Hinakoi discussion.