Hit or Miss: A Rohan M Critic

Let's be honest for a minute; MMORPG is all over the mobile platforms today to a point that it might become too saturated in the near future. But players dig this kind of genre ever since in the beginning. Among the early MMORPG who provide us with hours and hours of grinding is Rohan: Blood Feud who goes a long, long way starting its launching in 2008.

Fast forward this 2020, Rohan M SEA was launched and carries the torch of its PC predecessor in hope that it can gain the same huge followers before. So does the mobile version manage to show its teeth against the other competing MMORPG?

The answer probably is yes and no.

Rohan M in my opinion didn't actually bring something new in the table when it comes to unique features. But, what it provides for the gamers is something that another MMORPG (particularly the new ones) is striving to achieve; the classic feel that stirs the nostalgia of many players who are part of the MMORPG era during the early 2000s. Truth be told, the endless fun of mob farming and intense grinding seems to never lose its charm for many. The M.Kill system of Rohan M proves that killing monsters is actually a key element in their game.

Another feature that gives you the feels in Rohan M is the stat distribution system. Yes, its back guys. You are once more in charge of putting then right stat points to DEX, AGI, or INT to ensure that you will build a strong character in the game. This is something that has long been gone for many MMORPG today who opted for automatic stat boost instead of letting the players do their own build. I think your lose connection to your in-game character becomes more attached or intimate with this kind of systems like how those players before really put an effort in making an optimized mag or archer ready for PVE or PVP.

Of course, there is a PVP feature where Rohan is known for. The Hit List is existing and definitely hunting down some players for vengeance can still give you a satisfying rush after you bested them with your HP bar nearly drained out after the battle. You can take it to the next level in Guild Wars and enjoy pummeling not just one but many players.

However, despite banking on the nostalgia, competition-wise Rohan M stills lack something to climb the steep ranks of MMORPG supremacy. If you love console-level graphics, then Rohan M is probably not your cup of tea. It is also bombarded with the usual to tedious mobile MMORPG elements like auto-attack and auto-tracking which is another double-edged sword if you ask me. It can be practical but it can also lead to boredom. Character customization is also limited in the start with the only thing you can alter for the meantime is the costumes. Then there is the pet system, dungeon raids, runes, and item stat changing system which didn't have any new twist for players who are looking for something fresh.

Yet we can't conclude if Rohan M is lackluster for now since the possibility of updates and additional content still lingers in the future. In general, Rohan M has all the factors meant for older players out there. Its classic vibe is surely something that no one can resist at all plus we can't deny it; we just love grinding for an hour and be hands-on when it comes to building our own best characters. Rohan M has all of them although done in without bringing new taste in the palette.