Hitman: Absolution is now free! PC 

Hello there! Hitman: Absolution is now free on GOG! The game follows our favorite assassin, Agent 47, as he gets betrayed by the Agency and pursued by the police. Unlike its predecessor, Blood Money, the developers tried focus on the graphics and unlikable story telling in this game. It received positive reviews for its great cinematic and weapon controls. But it lacks the sandbox feeling of how you'll execute your missions due to some fixed events in the game.

Even with its mixed reviews, getting a free game will always be a gold for us gamer. We all know that relief feeling whenever we get a real copy of a game we used play with a pirated copy. The game controls for this game are faster and simpler than Hitman (2016) and Hitman 2. It may take a while to adjust if you got used to the smooth and fluid assassination controls from those two current games.

It was already released yesterday, in the middle of the night of June 12. Unfortunately, due to massive amount of people trying to grab a copy, the server crashed during midnight. You can still grab your copy from their website until tomorrow. With the announcement of Hitman 3, you may want to refresh your sneaking and sniping skills.

Here's what you're looking for. The link to your prize: https://www.gog.com/game/hitman_absolution