Holoearth Reveals Several Screenshots Of The Game's Exploration And Architect Modes

In a new press release for Holoearth, Cover Corp released additional screenshots of the game, which can be seen below. Players may see from the screenshots how they will be able to handle a Hololive character while exploring the sandbox world.


Players can earn resources by engaging in activities such as cutting down trees and battling wild beasts. They can then utilize the resources to construct a variety of objects, ranging from a simple campfire to a fully furnished house. The latter will necessitate the creation of a separate Architect Mode, in which players can arrange foundations and furnishings anyway they see fit. The Photo Mode allows gamers to display their works once they have finished them.



Cover also published an early glimpse at Holoearth gameplay footage on Hololive's YouTube account, which was also uploaded on the website. This video featured a multiplayer session in which Shirakami Fubuki, Ookami Mio, and A-chan experimented with the sandbox game.



The Holoearth metaverse project, according to Producer U, would be divided into three subprojects, which will serve as the title's key features. This was revealed in October 2021. In addition to the sandbox game, it will include an avatar creation system with a variety of costumes and accessories to choose from. Cover will also include a communication lobby where players may come together to establish a team prior to starting the game.

Holoearth is currently in development for use on personal computers and mobile devices. Cover will release the mobile version after the PC version, according to the company. Early access and public tests are also being planned by the firm to allow Hololive enthusiasts to get a taste of the sandbox game before it is officially released.