HON - Cyber League- September 7-14 2015 - PHP 4500+Items(ONLINE)

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    Team: [PinoyGamer]

    Title: HON Cyber League
    Game:Heroes Of Newerth (HON)

    Greetings Heroes!

    Now is your chance to tap the next level of eSports fever as Garena Philippines bring you the HoN Cyber League - September 2015! 64 teams nationwide can participate on this online tournament with lots of in game prizes!

    Match Type: Internet Cafe
    Event Date: September 7-14 2015

    Prize Details:
    Champion : PHP 4,500 + 5000 Gold Coins + 15 points
    1st Runner-up : PHP 3,000 + 3500 Gold Coins + 10 points
    2nd Runner-up : PHP 1,000 + 1500 Gold Coins + 5 points
    3rd Runner-up : PHP 1,000 + 1500 Gold Coins + 5 points
    4th - 7th Runner-up : 500 Gold Coins + 2 points each team

    Tournament Details:
    Registration for the online tournament will start on September 7, 2015 (Monday) and will close on September 14, 2015 (Monday) 12:00nn.
    In order to qualify, a team must have:
    - At least five (5) members
    - Teams may consist of 5 team members.
    - Players are required to provide their real names.
    - Only registered players are allowed to participate.
    - Both teams must post their agreed date and time of match.

    STEP 1: Completely fill up the registration form found HERE
    STEP 2: Team must wait for the official announcement bearing the list of confirmed participating teams by April 14, 2015. The basis for the selection of participating teams will be on a first-come first-served basis with the date and time of when the form was sent as the reference.

    Matches are to be scheduled and results to be reported on the thread designated for your specific round and match found on the HoN Cyber League thread.

    Registration Fee: Free Registration
    Address: Online
    Website: http://esports.garena.ph/newsArticle.php?contentid=00000917

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