Honkai Impact 3 x Evangelion Collaboration has been confirmed!

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Well, here we go again with an Evangelion collab, it seems that they are on a roll But this looks like a proper crossover for them. As the gameplay fits the aesthetic and the way they operate. It's time to be hyped once more (and probably sing Cruel Angel's Thesis) as Honkai Impact 3 will collaborate with Neon Genesis Evangelion!

Get in the robot, Shinji, as this collaboration has hyped a lot of players of the game. Some even stated that this is an actual collaboration than the others but I digress. miHoYo just teased the players and the other onlookers in the game that an upcoming Evangelion collab is happening. What's more is that there is no context, no additional details and no rumors on how things will go, they just slapped an image and boom, collab teased!

This got the playerbase riled up and curious as to what the collaboration would have, some thought that the collab would add stigmatas that could be related to Evangelion. Some thought of the mechas and angels would be added as memorial bosses while others thought that battlesuits can be made but it is low on their ideas. But we never know what they will implement honestly. For now, it is all in the wraps.

This news got the attention of old players who have quit or made a hiatus to the game to think of returning. While the game can be pretty grind heavy, some think that it would still be great to play because it has an authentic and amazing feel for its gameplay that would make those who crave for a great mobile gaming experience satisfied with how Honkai Impact 3 handles its game.

With the promise of Genshin Impact, I believe miHoYo can pull this collaboration off and satisfy the players both new and old. While the news about this is still in the wraps, we will keep you updated for more news regarding this collaboration. If it does happen, expect it to come sooner in Global too since CN will get it first with a gap of a month and a half to two months. So while it's still rumors, we wait! Tell us your thoughts i the comment section too, especially those who play HI3!


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Jul 16, 2020
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Awesome! I've been playing Honkai Impact for jist 3 days now, but I'm already inlove with the game! can't wait for the collaboration <3