Honkai Impact 3rd’s Second of the Thirteen Flame-Chasers: Elysia

miHoYo adds another boss fight for the players of Honkai Impact 3rd!


"I might actually be a little bit weaker than Kevin. But I'll work hard to improve. Elysia will never let you down."

As part of the 5.0 content update of Honkai Impact 3rd, the second-in-command of the “Thirteen Flame-Chasers”, Elysia, is added. Elysia appears as a story character, guiding Raiden Mei in the Elysian Realm. Players can challenge Elysia through the new playable sequence added in this 5.0 update. The playable sequence is titled as “Sequence: Real” that can be unlocked by completing the “In the Infinite Shadow” quest line.

To let you know who these thirteen flame-chasers are and what is the Elysian Realm, here’s a bit of a background. The Flame-Chasers goes way back in the Previous Era, it is from a distant past of Honkai Impact 3rd setting, they are a powerful squad since they are composed of super soldiers. Elysian Realm is kind of a mausoleum, it is a place where the heroes and battles of the Previous Era are shown off.

In combat mode, Elysia is an archer-type character. Previews from the core Chinese edition of the game shows that in the 5.1 update, Elysia will be a playable Valkyrie. However, a release schedule for the overseas edition is still not confirmed.


Here is the list of skills Elysia have, as per the Foe Recon Report: Elysia, to get to know how powerful she is:

Pristine Bless
  • Elysia's attacks will inflict [Pristine Bless], which builds up [Crystallization] on the target. You will be [Crystallized] at max [Crystallization], but you can mash [Evade] to break free.
Pristine Compassion
  • Elysia will drain life from the Crystallized target to heal herself. After draining, another Pristine Pledge will appear behind her. Up to 3 Pristine Pledges can co-exist. Pristine Pledges will enhance some of her skills, so their number indicates her skill level. In other words, the more Pristine Pledges, the stronger she is.
Cupid's Bolt: Fowl
  • Elysia will fire multiple arrows at the target to deal DMG. The number of arrows fired is determined by the number of Pristine Pledges present. The arrows fired by this move will ricochet off objects and hit the target again. If the target is hit by all the arrows, they will immediately be Crystallized. Watch out for ricochets to evade this move completely.
Cupid's Bolt: Flower
  • Elysia will fire an arrow at the target that generates an exploding crystal at their feet. It will divide and explode again when she has enough Pristine Pledges. Pay attention to the placement of the crystals to avoid explosions.
Elf's Pollen
  • Elysia will throw pollen in a rectangular area in front of her. The target will faint temporarily if they touch it, and she will attack while pulling away from the target.
Tree of Grace: Blossoming
  • Elysia will summon a Crystal Wedge that grows by itself. When the flowers on it are in full bloom, it will release a powerful shockwave. Watch out!
Tree of Grace: Luminosity
  • If a Crystal Wedge has lasted for a while, the crystals floating around it will begin shooting energy beams that deal heavy damage.

Elysia is a carefree and an inhibited woman, but as she is the second-in-command of the Thirteen Flame-Chasers, although she acts as if she’s not, she is still a force to be reckoned with. To spark her interest or to lose it, is a reward in itself. Don’t let your guard down and always be careful in battling her, Captain.