Honkai Impact prepares for major update for its 3rd Anniversary

April will be a major month for Honkai Impact 3rd, with miHoYo confirming that version 4.7 will include the Arc City open-world map and Haxxor Bunny Bronya. On April 22, 2021, everything will begin. People will be able to read The Solo Stage story chapter and participate in the Arc: Light Bound event until it is published.

Honkai Impact Open World.jpg

MiHoYo revealed a few specifics about the latest content. Chapter XXIII of the Story: After the case, the Solo Stage, as well as Arc: Light Bound, will appear with new missions. Arc City is a brand-new zone with its own set of Map Access Level Investigation Tasks. Though to fully explore the open-world area in Honkai Impact 3rd, you will eventually need to get the anti-gravity jump and environmental destruction abilities.

Featuring stunning cel-shaded graphics, immersive storylines, deep customization, infinite combo action, and tight controls, Honkai Impact 3rd has won itself an international following since its launch on mobile devices, achieving over 200 million downloads and frequently topping Apple Store and Google Play charts worldwide. Since late 2019, Honkai Impact 3rd has been made playable on PC with cross-platform play support everywhere, drawing more players to the highly acclaimed experience.

MYTH & ROID coined its name from the word "myth" that represents the past and the word "android" that represents the future. The band is popular around the world for its exceptional releases and performances. Since its debut in 2015, MYTH & ROID has been writing opening themes for popular anime, whose music videos and related animations have hit over 100 million views. Now the band is holding live concerts in over 20 countries.


KIHOW, the vocalist of MYTH & ROID, comments: "Although this isn't our first time working with popular ACG brands, this collaboration stands out. Unlike the somber songs we're known for, Brilliant Bright is very cheerful." Honkai Impact 3rd explains this is to relieve the stress of players, so they may continue fighting for all that's beautiful in the world.

Game Overview:

Honkai Impact 3rd has players control a team of up to three characters, known as "Valkyries", in real-time combat against various enemies. During the battle, players may freely move their character around the battlefield and switch between their three deployed Valkyries to adapt to various enemy types. Each Valkyrie has its own offensive, escape, turn, and ultimate abilities, as well as a rock-paper-scissors-based character type that allows them to play various team roles. Valkyrie stats and abilities can be tweaked with a variety of guns and vehicles, which can be enhanced with in-game money. New items (dubbed "Stigmata"), weapons, and Valkyries can be acquired by in-game crafting or a gacha scheme.

Single-player game modes include the "Story" campaign, consisting of short stages punctuated by dialogue in cutscenes and full-motion videos (FMVs), "Chronicles", a series of brief side stories that explore Valkyries' backstories, and "Open World", allowing exploration of a large open-ended field to gather materials and complete various challenge tasks, coupled with its own storyline. The game features various multiplayer cooperative and competitive modes such as "Co-op Raid", where players team up to unlock legendary weapons; "Memorial Arena", where players compete against a set of bosses for the highest score; where players compete against a set of bosses for the highest score; and "Abyss", where players attempt to progress as far as possible through a gauntlet of battles to compete for high scores. Players are able to join groups of other players, called "Armadas", which allow for more opportunities for events and rewards. Armadas allow for limited requesting of materials and resources from other players in the Armada.


Outside of battles, Honkai Impact 3rd allows players to interact with the Valkyrie and Stigmata characters through the "Dorm" mode. Upon completing character-specific tasks, different characters may be able to move into the dorms, whereupon new character information and dialogues between those characters can be seen. Players can craft various pieces of furniture and design the layout of the dorm rooms to increase the "comfort" of the Valkyries and Stigmata therein. Greater comfort levels allow players to level up their dorm limits for more elaborate decoration. Players are able to visit and view each other's decorated dorm layouts.

Meanwhile, Honkai Impact 3rd players can obtain the PSY battlesuit from Haxxor Bunny Supply and then complete event quests to obtain Fragments for Haxxor Bunny Bronya. A limited outfit was also listed.

Honkai Impact 3rd is available for PCs and both Android and Apple iOS devices. The game celebrated its third anniversary in 2021.