Honkai: Star Rail faces login issues at the day of its release

With Honkai: Star Rail already released and is available on PC, Epic Games Store, iOS, and Android devices, not all players experienced a smooth encounter while logging on to the game.

honkai star railll.jpg

Some players received this message, “Login error occurred. Please try again later. Error code: 1001_2”, upon starting the game

In hopes of fixing this error as well as getting rid of the message, some players tried to restart the game, reboot their devices, and some even tried changing their email address thinking that might be the problem. But none worked and the error is still there.

As none of the possible solutions worked, the cause of the error might be because you have ad blockers or private VPNs installed. Now, since you already know what causes the problem, you can fix it by turning off your VPN then turning off your DNS AdGuard, custom DNS, or any ad blocker that you might have installed on your device. You can also try switching WiFi with your mobile network data to check what server the game is connected to.

For now, that’s all you can do if that’s really the problem but if not, then stay tuned for further announcements as the developers have yet to release one regarding the issue.