Honkai Star Rail First Impression Review, Kotaku Blacklisted by Nintendo, Star Wars Jedi Survivor Issues, 4060 TI and more

In our recent gaming podcast Filipino gamers discuss about the declining players of Red Fall, 4060 Ti and RX 7600 Budget GPUs, Tai Ari Deshita, Ya Boy Kong Ming, FFXVI Saudi Ban, Star Wars Jedi Survivor Issues, Denuvo Issues, Kotaku Blacklisted by Nintendo, Game Journalist Hates Gamers and Honkai Star Rail First Impression Review.

Honkai Star Rail​

Let's talk about Honkai: Star Rail is a role-playing gacha video game developed by miHoYo. So what are your first Impressions? Thoughts about the gameplay which is now turn-based. How about the graphics? And music? Thoughts on the story and characters. Do you think its pay to win and what are your opinions on Star Rails gacha system.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor​

Has anyone played Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order? What are your thoughts? Why are we talking about this game? Well the sequel was recently released called Star Wars Jedi Survivor. For one the game is 155 GB on PC, good luck downloading that. Then on launch, it was a performance disaster. Some users claim a below 60FPS on a 4090 and the majority getting around 30fps,

Why is this happening? Well bad optimization and probably Denuvo. Good news a patch was released, a 25gb patch, The focus of the update is mainly to improve the performance. According to Hardware Unboxed, the game is now playable claiming upto 70% performance gains. Seems like all PC Ports lately are bad, for example, The Last of Us and Forspoken, ship it and fix later mentality. Imagine buying their games on a CD with no internet like in the old days.


Do you guys know about Kotaku? So why are we talking about Kotaku, well apparently they have been blacklisted by Nintendo. Here is what Kotaku said “It's preview day for Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, a huge game I would love for Kotaku to be able to inform its millions of readers about first-hand. Unfortunately, Nintendo still has it blacklisted from advanced coverage, a move I would argue is both unprofessional and coercive.”

Nintendo is refusing to give them early access to one the biggest titles coming out “The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom”. In 2015 they were also blacklisted by Bethesda, the publisher of the Fallout and Elder Scrolls series, and according to a Twitter user called Doctor Gamma, they are also blacklisted by Ubisoft and the Final Fantasy 14 Team.

First, why are they blacklisted by Nintendo? Well they published an article like this “Metroid Dread Is Already Running On Switch Emulators”. Basically actively asking readers to pirate Nintendo games, they even mentioned how to do it. Kotaku has also been posting leaks about their upcoming games.

Next, why are they blacklisted by other Game publishers? For example, they attack Final Fantasy 16 saying it's too white, basically calling out Yoshi P a Japanese Xenophobic. A Western news outlet pushing its narrative on a Japanese, The simple fact is they post clickbait titles and instead of focusing on video games they focus on the politics of it. They also did a PS5 review and for some reason, they tied it up to the US election. They are more an activist than a game journalist to the point they are anti-video games.

This case is not isolated to Kotaku, remember Hogwarts Legacy. Another example is Vice attacking Manga, you know what happened? Vice is filing for bankruptcy.

TLDR: A video game company blacklisted by publishers how will that work on their bottom line. Also, you don't F with Nintendo, remember bowser?

After a few days of release, it seems that Red Fall is already dead, Redfall is a co-op first-person shooter video game developed by Arkane. They made dishonored, prey, and contributed to other Bethesda games. According to Dexerto, the all-time peak was only 6,000 players with a 24-hour peak of 4,000 and even falling below 2k, this is bad especially if you want to play a co-op game.

RTX 4060 Ti and Radeon RX 7600
According to an article by Videocardz, the Radeon RX 7600 and GeForce RTX 4060 Ti GPUs are practically confirmed. The cards are spotted on EEC (Eurasian Economic Commission) regulatory office. What we know so far is they are both 8GB, according to the latest rumors, the RX 7600 is set to launch on May 25th. The RTX 4060 Ti does not have a launch date yet, but it is heading for “late May” release, Also, no prices have been mentioned.

Tai Ari Deshita
If you like fighting games and girls you might enjoy this show. Tai Ari Deshita. ~Ojо̄-sama wa Kakutо̄ Gēmu Nante Shinai~ or Young Ladies Don’t Play Fighting Games is apparently getting a live action adaption. Although its a long title its not an isekai but about a group of girl’s drive to attend a fighting game tournament. If you are interested The Young Ladies Don’t Play Fighting Game live-action series debuts on May 19, and the series is also getting an anime series.

Ya Boy Kongming
For Weeb update, Chiki Chiki Ban Ban! Another anime update Ya Boy Kongming! Is getting a live-action drama. The story is about Zhuge Liang a tactician, Dynasty Warriors players might know about this. So basically Zhuge Liang, or Kongming, was a famous military strategist who is reborn to modern Japan, where he becomes a music manager. If you are interested the show is set to start airing this 2023 around fall season. If you are not interested google the opening song then come back

Final Fantasy 16
Since we have a lot of OFW in the middle east, and some are gamers. Final Fantasy 16 has been banned in Saudi Arabia, It was officially announced by the Saudi Commission Board's tweeter account. According to the tweet the publisher square enix is unwilling to make any changes to the game, basically refuse censorship. According to the initial leaker on Reseteara, It is speculated that the ban is because of LGBTQ-related scenes. Do note banning is not new, games like Dragon Age: Inquisition, God of War, Heavy Rain, and The Last of Us II are also banned.


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