Honkai: Star Rail players voices out doubts about game security with latest Ban Wave

Honkai: Star Rail has just implemented its first wave of player bans for those who may have broken the game's rules. Some players criticised the new HoYoverse game's mechanism for banning them arbitrarily because they had no understanding what had caused the suspension. Players have discussed the potential causes and reasoning for these account suspensions in a Reddit post.


Several reroll accounts have been banned​

Many gamers have expressed dissatisfaction with their reroll accounts, and some have even had their primary accounts stopped for "Security Risk" grounds. HoYoverse did not issue a statement regarding the unexpected wave of bans, however several players who recently created reroll accounts had their accounts terminated for a variety of related reasons.

Many players contacted HoYoverse CS Support for assistance, however it was unclear whether anyone was able to properly restore their account following the most recent ban wave. There are various explanations for how the Honkai: Star Rail Security System identifies suspect accounts and suspends them. Some people claimed that the emails used by these reroll accounts had lately been used for rerolling and had previously been connected to numerous accounts.

Additionally, a well-liked Facebook post from a certain Honkai Star Rail group in the Philippines claimed that the user's account was banned without explanation. He claimed that despite having done nothing wrong at all, he was abruptly blacklisted.


The same issue was raised by some gamers in comments, and the community is currently talking about it. Some of the accounts were allegedly from the Buy and Sell Group, which was well-known prior to the game's release. To prevent these kinds of problems, it is strongly advised to steer clear of buying accounts from other players and to properly abide by the game's terms and conditions.


How to prevent getting your Honkai: Star Rail account banned​

There are a few techniques you can use to convince the HoYoverse Security System that your account is secure and shouldn't be suspended. Following are some pointers to prevent having your Honkai: Star Rail Account suspended:

1. Avoid binding your account to other emails​

One of the most crucial pieces of information HoYoverse requires to establish account ownership is the email associated with your account. To ensure correct account ownership and prevent HoYoverse from becoming confused by sudden account changes, it is helpful to stick with the same email address that you used to create your account.

2. Stick to one IP Address when playing​

Because HoYoverse uses your IP address to identify account ownership and security, you should only use one IP address when playing and avoid using VPNs and other IP address changers. When playing, you might occasionally need to use a different IP address, but keeping your own IP address the majority of the time will protect your account from being banned.

3. Do not abuse glitches​

In certain video games, bugs can't be prevented, and Honkai Star Rail is no exception. Glitches should never be taken advantage of, thus you should always be cautious when you meet them. The best course of action is to inform HoYoverse directly so that they can address the issue as soon as possible.

4. Do not use Profile and Bio Font Color Changer​

A common post explained how entering specific codes allowed players to change the color of their profile and bio in the game. HTML tags could be added inside the box, enabling you to add strikethroughs, underlines, and even change the color if you know the hex value. It's already a risky bet for your account that you have the ability to change properties that you are not meant to. As of right now, the feature is no longer compatible with the in-game profanity filter because HoYoverse warned players against using this kind of tool because it would compromise security safeguards.


It is crucial to protect your account against these threats, particularly now that it is nearly hard to recover a banned account. Always abide by the rules of the game and refrain from engaging in unlawful activities like purchasing, selling, and frequent rerolling. Because HoYoverse is so tight about security measures and account ownership verification, you should always keep your account out of suspicion.