Honkai: Star Rail Ruan Mei abilities and gameplay of upcoming character

One of the most-awaited characters in Honkai: Star Rail that will be arriving in the upcoming version 1.6 is Ruan Mei. She is a 5-star character from the Harmony Path with an Ice-type element. Get to know Ruan Mei ahead of her official release this December.

ruan mei.png

Ruan Mei is known as a gentle and refined scholar. She is the 81st member of the Genius Society and with her expertise in biological sciences and exceptional talent, she earned the attention of Nous. She then began her research journey on the origin of life in a secret corner of the universe. As she continued her research, it led her to get invited by Herta, along with Screwllum, and Stephen, to develop the Simulated Universe.

Ruan Mei’s addition to the game will surely bring a unique gameplay experience to the players as she is a user of the ice element that can be used for offense or support, which proves her to be a versatile character and is a worthy addition to the team. Her role in the team may vary, depending on how you will build her.

The following are Ruan Mei’s abilities that players can use in battle:

Basic Attack – A Tiny Orchid
  • Deals Ice damage equal to a percentage of her ATK to a single enemy.
Skill – Gather, Twist, Wipe and Pick
  • This skill increases her own SPD by a certain percentage and also boosts her allies’ SPD for a specified number of turns.
Ultimate – Shaking Brocade Water, Not Taking off Dipped Clothes
  • Her ultimate ability buffs all allies for a set number of turns. It enhances the Weakness Break Efficiency of all buffed allies by a specific percentage. Additionally, when an enemy’s Weakness shield is broken, it triggers Broken Plum Blossoms, causing ice damage equal to a percentage of Ruan Mei’s ATK and delaying the target’s action. Notably, Broken Plum Blossoms can only affect an enemy target after they’ve recovered from Weakness Break.
Talent – Classifying Screws
  • Increases the damage dealt by allies when they hit an enemy with Weakness Break by a certain percentage.
Technique – Caressing Cotton Robes
  • Her Technique allows the ATK of her allies to increase at the start of the next battle, with the increase being a percentage of Ruan Mei’s ATK. This ATK boost lasts for a specified number of turns. Ruan Mei’s unique skill set makes her a compelling character in the Honkai: Star Rail universe, offering a combination of utility and damage potential for your team.
Keep in mind though that her abilities were from leaks as there’s yet an official reveal from the developers. Look forward to her release and the abilities that will go along with her as it might have been improved by the developers to make her a better player of the game. But one fact will remain, her unique mix of supporting and damage-dealing abilities will make her a vital member that can help improve team strategies.