Honkai: Star Rail’s upcoming 5-Star character Dr. Ratio skills and abilities

Leaks for the upcoming 5-star character of Honkai: Star Rail named Dr. Ratio have been released online. Players are eager to finally meet him since there are only a few imaginary characters in the game. He is expected to be released in the second banner of the version 1.6 update by early January 2024.

dr. ratio.png

According to an X post by the developers, Dr. Ratio from the Hunt Path with an Imaginary Element has already been confirmed to be a 5-star character. This means he is expected to showcase impressive damage against a single target. As per the character description, Dr. Ratio is an outspoken and egotistic member of the Intelligentsia Guild. This guild is kind of similar to the Genius Society, but Intelligentsia believes that intellect and creativity are limited to geniuses, and their guild is open to all aspirants.

Dr. Ratio encompasses extraordinary intelligence and talent, calling himself a Mundanite. As someone who came from the Intelligentsia Guild, he also strongly believes that intellect and creativity are not limited to geniuses. Hence, he is on a mission to share his knowledge with the universe and fight against this stigma.

Dr. Ratio’s Skills and Abilities:

Basic Attack – Imaginary Damage
  • Deals imaginary damage to a single enemy target.
Skill – Imaginary Damage
  • He triggers a talent effect once towards the single enemy target, then deals imaginary damage against that said enemy.
Ultimate – Fools Mark
  • Dr. Ratio will cast his ultimate, dealing imaginary damage and inflicting the targeted enemy with the “Fool’s Mark”. When using skills against the marked enemy, it increases the number of times his talent effect will be triggered. And Dr. Ratio receives an additional turn immediately once the “Fool Marks” end.
Talent – Random Buff and Follow-up Attack
  • Dr. Ratio randomly receives one of the five additional effects after casting his skill. He can trigger follow-up attacks of imaginary damage when attacking once every turn. And lastly, Dr. Ratio may receive one of the following buffs, including ATK Buff, Crit Rate Buff, Crit DMG Buff, and SPD Buff, for a number of turns. Note that each buff can only stack up to three times.
Technique – Special Field and Taunt
  • Dr. Ratio produces a special field, taunting and reducing the SPD of nearby enemies within that field, which can last for several seconds and a couple of turns.
Dr. Ratio seems like he will need a supporting character in order to shine, although he possesses well-rounded skills, which can be beneficial for the team composition for a strong offense. He is recommended to play well alongside the characters of Nihility Path because of their specialization in debuffing enemies, making them great partners for Dr. Ratio’s damage. His ability to debuff and taunt enemies can slow them down and be followed by follow-up attacks, inflicting damage that can potentially destroy them. With his ultimate, the Fool’s Mark, Dr. Ratio may receive extra turns and triggers.