Honor of Kings announces a new PvP fighting game based on its IP called Codenamed Breaking Dawn

As part of the 7th anniversary livestream of the popular MOBA game Honor of Kings, Tencent Games has announced that a new fighting game based on the MOBA’s universe will be added to the franchise called Codenamed Breaking Dawn. Aside from that, more details about Honor of Kings: World were revealed, a new auto-chess title named King’s Chess was announced, and an animation project based on the HOK IP was showcased.

honor of kings breaking dawn1.jpg.png

As per the announcement on the official Weibo page of Honor of Kings, Codenamed Breaking Dawn is currently in the works and is planned to be part of the next set of games that will be released by publisher Tencent Games and developer TiMi Studios. The upcoming game will be an online PvP game, wherein players will be pitched against each other to fight until one of them wins.

The characters in the new game will be from the Honor of Kings franchise but it will be an entirely different game and will have no relation to the original game. As what was stated in the announcement, time and space will come together to bring more opponents to the arena.

Currently, there’s no confirmed release date of the game. Stay tuned for future announcements!