Honor of Kings discussed the game's matching mechanism in the 2nd episode of Listen Up, Devs!

Honor of Kings is now playable worldwide for both iOS and Android devices. As part of the team's commitment and effort to improve the game, the developers launched episodes of “Listen Up, Dev!”, to answer the common issues within the game, including the unbalanced matchmaking because of "smurfing.”.


Smurfing has been a common issue within MOBA games, whereas beginners would often be playing against strong players in the lower tier. Honor of Kings is trying to change its mechanics to deal with unequal matchmaking and smurfing; hence, in their second episode of “Listen Up, Dev! ”, they tackled the issues regarding their current matchmaking.

To address the issue, one of the 'several counteractive measures’ the game will implement is checking if multiple accounts are being used from a single device. They are also checking if the player is showcasing a performance that exceeds their current tier.

When the account is found to be smurfing, they will place the player in a different matchmaking pool. They also acknowledge the fact that other new players in HoK are genuinely skilled; therefore, they are implementing a feature that allows these players to reach higher tiers more quickly, away from players with normal skill levels in lower-tier matches.

Aside from the “smurfing” issues, the developers also answered the questions regarding matchmaking involving the players who play in duo but in different tiers. According to the developers, they will prioritize matchmaking among the players whose tiers are close to each other to maintain the fairness of the game.

“For duo matchmaking, we take the average of the two players’s tiers. In trio, we list the player’s ranks from the highest to the lowest and weight them at 55%, 30%, and 15%, respectively, to get a weighted average tier that we use for matchmaking. For full-party matchmaking, the highest-tiered player will take up 70% of the priority in the team.”

The developers added that while they will be prioritizing matching the solo players to other solo players, there is a chance that they will still get matched to duos or trios if matchmaking takes too long. They also noted that full-party players will be matched with full-party players most of the time.

That’s the wrap-up of “Listen Up, Devs! ”Episode two of Honor of Kings. The next episode will focus on questions concerning cheat prevention.