Honor of Kings Esports 2024: Increased Prize Pool, Invitational Series, Qualifications for the International Championship, and More

Honor of Kings’ announced major changes for its eSports tournament this 2024, including the addition of invitational events, a new KPL format, the qualification process for the International Championship tournament, and the highly anticipated increased prize pool.


The MOBA title promises to allocate a staggering USD 15 million for the entire global events that will take place in 2024. These global events will include the invitational event, inviting competitive players from various MOBA esports titles.

A total of 4 events are scheduled to take place: the Invitational Season 1/Split 1 in Istanbul in March, the Invitational Season 2/Split 2 in June, and the Mid-season Invitation and Invitational Championship, whose specific date is yet to be determined.

The mid-season event will host 24 teams from across the regions of Honor of Kings and might be the concluding event of Honor of Kings eSports for 2024. However, there is a chance that the game will host other grand finale events.

Additionally, there will be a few changes to the qualifications for the International Championships, where the Arena of Valor International Championship will feature teams from the Garena region, like the Garena Challenger Series, Arena of Glory from Vietnam, Honor of Kings Brazil Championship, and RoV Pro League Thailand.

Previously, the journey to reach the highest event for Honor of Kings had been divided into several pathways. Teams from the King Pro League event from China paved their way to the Challenger Cup, while other teams from the KPL tournament were sent directly to the KIC or the Honor of Kings International Championship.

Also, Honor of Kings is reported to form one “Dream Team,” which consists of players from the King Pro League (KPL). They will then be sent to participate in the KIC 2024 and compete with the globally qualified teams.

This plan for the Honor of Kings will probably prevent multiple Chinese teams from competing in the KIC 2024, giving other qualified teams across the globe chances to join the tournament.

It has also been confirmed that there will be at least one team from Turkey that will qualify directly for the qualifier event of the championship event.

Chinese teams used to dominate the International Championship, and if the reported format is implemented, the competition will subsequently increase in China and global areas.

Honor of Kings is expected to release additional details of its upcoming tournaments after its scheduled global launch on June 20, 2024.