Honor of Kings Fighting Game, Netflix One Piece Teaser, Dota 2 Battlepass Cancelled, Fate/Samurai Remnant and more

In our recent gaming podcast, Filipino gamers discuss the Honor of Kings Fighting Game, Dota 2 Battlepass Cancelled, Final Fantasy XVI Boycott, Netflix One Piece Teaser character impressions, Fate/Samurai Remnant release date, Super Mario Bros. Wonder, Being a video game writer with AI, Videogame Anime or Live Adaptations, and NFT in Videogames. With special guest Cat who is a Pocketgamer writer and Author published by Penguin Books you can follow here on instagram https://www.instagram.com/thenoobwife/.

Honor of Kings Fighting Game
Tencent has announced another Spinoff for Honor of Kings, previously there is an action RPG called Honor of Kings World. This time Tencent announced a Honor of Kings Fighting Game. The Social media Weibo released the gameplay trailer, so far it looks like Smash bros with Charcters from HoK Like Kai, Sun WuKong, Yu J,i Xiao Qiao, Beast of the Canyon, and Lu Ban No. 7. Just a recap Honor of Kings is a MOBA game like ML, or Wild Rift for the chinese market, which they plan to release globally for now the HoK version we have is called Arena of Valor

Dota 2 Battle Pass
Seems like valve is sharing the tree, because instead of doubling down they are dropping the Dota 2 Battle Pass. No other gaming company would do that. Why? According to the company, most Dota players never buy the battle pass and if they did they never get any rewards from it. Whats next? Valve will release “more diverse updates for all Dota players to enjoy” over the entire year. Basically focusing on content that will be available to all players rather than just those that buy a Battle Pass. The way i understand it is lets breakdown battle pass in small updates, release it more frequent and its free. What about the TI? Seems like the international will be greatly affected by this. Because usually, the Battle Pass has a crowdfunding aspect, parts of the revenue are pushed in the Prize pool. Now instead of battle pass only some content will be tied to the prize bool but players won't have any new skins or other accessories to grind for. So most likely we are not gonna see record-breaking prizes pools. As someone who spends a lot on digital goods, i feel Valve is moving on the right direction like being less greedy? But what are your thoughts?

Diablo 4 Whoopi
Before we start do you guys check the system requirements of the games you buy? Because we have an example of age doesn't equate to wisdom. What am I talking about? Do you know Whoopi Goldberg pretty much known for Sister Act and The View. Well on June 8, Whoopi Goldberg had a complaint on instagram, and it's about Diablo 4. Surprise she's a fan of Diablo, Is anyone playing here? Her complaint is that Diablo 4 didn’t come out on Apple hardware, Whoopi found out after buying so “she's upset with the company and wants her money back”.

Netflix One Piece Character Teaser
Recently Netflix dropped the One Piece teaser which showcases the characters, do you guys know one piece and the characters? OK let's talk about them. Zoro, Let's start with zoro, alright he looks legitly good. Ussop, Most natural of all the adaptations and doesn't look like cosplay. Nami, Seems like something big is missing, I don't know what. But seems like they adapted the early version of Nami the “younger Nami”. Sanji, No curly eyebrows I think that's fine, do you think he will be having a lollipop or cigar? Buggy the clown, This one is borderline Joker and Pennywise. Luffy, Luffy looks good but fans are divided, first is The jokes seem like MCU esque 2nd is it feels like those are words Luffy will never say. Optimistic but remember Cowboy Bebop the trailer was good but what we got isnt. The trailer so far is decent but as a fan I'm scared cant wait for them to add Chopper.

Fate/Samurai Remnant
If you are a fan of the Fate franchise, (too bad Xides is not here). The worldwide release for the Action RPG Fate/Samurai Remnant will be releasing worldwide on September 29. Is anyone familiar with the Fate or Nasuverse? If you are not familiar with Fate it's about a holy grail war where masters summon heroic spirits or servants to fight for them. The anime is God tier in terms of animation especially the Unlimited Bladeworks and Heavens feel. Depending on how you look at it it might be good news or bad news that this isn't a visual novel, if you know what I'm talking about.

Super Mario Bros. Wonder
Going back to nostalgia a new Mario game has been announced called Super Mario Bros. Wonder, its a 2D is sidescroller like the classics. I can describe it as Super Mario world where Mario eats too many mushrooms and he gets an acid trip. If you are interested the game will release on October 20 for switch

Final Fantasy 16 Boycott
Although Final Fantasy 16 has just released, it seems like users in the controversial website Resetera wants to boycott FF16 a game set in medieval Europe made by a Japanese company for not having diversity. What do you guys think about this? Is this bad? Well according to Eurogamer 1200 players as of this writing have responded to the poll and the results are 2.9 percent won't play or buy the game that's 34.8 or 35 users.Remember what happened to Hogwarts Legacy? Boycott equals more sales! Majority of the people use games to escape real-life hence Final Fantasy, I just want to play the game I just want well-written characters as the priority not the other way around.

Dicussion with Cat
Again thanks for joining, recap on who is cath, things to promote and where to find? Cat mentions interest on AI in gaming? As a writer dont you think this will just replace you instead? Writers in the west are complaining about this? I only know Dead cells is getting an animated but seems like Vampire Survivors is too. Aside from knowing these are Indie games im not really familiar with games may an animated show will encourage to try them same with Cyberpunk Edge runners. Lastly NFT, What are your thoughts about NFT in gaming are they still relevant?


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