Honor of Kings Frequently Asked Questions (Specs, PC Release, Emulators)

Honor of Kings is coming out this year all around the world, in case you missed it! To get things going, we've compiled and addressed the most frequently asked questions from fan-run Honor of Kings communities, along with a few we predict will be raised.


Honor of Kings Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)​

What is Honor of Kings?​

Originally published in 2015, Honor of Kings is the most played mobile MOBA worldwide. Immerse yourself in the battlefield as you and your friends form groups, select from a variety of special heroes with exceptional abilities, and participate in intense team battles. Each encounter consists of two teams of five players moving along three lanes in an attempt to destroy the crystal belonging to their opponent in order to win. With 100 million daily players, Honor of Kings has become the gaming phenomenon it is today thanks to years of upgrades to hero balance and gameplay optimization.

Which platforms will Honor of Kings be available on?​

Honor of Kings will be accessible on the Google Play Store, Apple App Store, and other app store platforms, and it will launch for iOS and Android devices. On iOS and Android smartphones, social media platform logins such as Facebook, Twitter, Discord, and email are supported. The game can be played on both iOS and Android smartphones, and many Honor of Kings accounts can be accessed simultaneously on different platforms using the same social media account.


What are the minimum device specifications to run Honor of Kings?​

Honor of Kings requires at least an iPhone 6 or iPad 6 running iOS 11 and above, or an Android device with 1.0 GHz CPU and 1 GB RAM Android 5.1 and above, though newer devices will work better. We advise using an Android device with a 1.6 GHz CPU and 2 GB RAM running Android 12 and above, or an iPhone X or iPad 7 running iOS 12 and above.

Will Honor of Kings launch on PC?​

As of this writing, the devs and publisher does not plan on launching the game on PC platforms or even consoles.

Will Honor of Kings support emulators?​

Level Infinite will not be supporting emulators, so the devs will be unable to help with any problems you may run into when using them. Nevertheless, any usage that violates the terms of service for the game is punishable by law and may lead to the suspension or cancellation of an account.


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