Honor of Kings is reportedly to release 10v10 mode, a new map, and a new ranking system

The Chinese version of Tencent’s popular 5v5 MOBA, Honor of Kings, is reportedly to introduce a new 10v10 mode soon, along with the news of a new map and a ranked system.


The current version of Honor of Kings and its global version, Arena of Valor, feature the traditional 5v5 mode, with a few other types of modes like 1v1 and 3v3 in PvP format.

However, reports say that the game will introduce the 10v10 mode exclusively to China in the coming updates. It is to make the game even more exciting and intense, where 10 players can play against the other 10.


Since it will be a 10v10, there will be a few features that will be added to the game, including the map. Currently, the game only has three lanes; based on the photos shared by Honor of Kings (HoK) Global News on X, the upcoming map will be bigger this time with an additional one lane, making it four lanes.

The game will also introduce a new ranking system in relation to the 10v10 mode. It is more likely that the 10v10 mode will have a separate ranking system from the rest of the other modes.

There is no information yet on when the update will be coming to China, and it is still not confirmed whether the global version of Honor of Kings (Arena of Valor) will receive the same features.

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