Honor of Kings Redeem Codes and Guide How to Redeem HoK Codes

Just a week after its official global release, Honor of Kings is giving away free rewards through redeemable codes that can be used to redeem vouchers, hero and skin fragments, starstones, skin trial cards, and more.


Here are the following redeemable codes and their corresponding rewards as of the first week of July:
  • HB1Z1AF43: 1 Diamond Draw Voucher.
  • 1B1Z12IEJ: 2 SkinFragments.
  • GA1Z188M3: 2 Hero Fragments.
  • E71ZE5FPQ: Rare Skin Chest
  • T71Z1P8DL
  • Honor Gift: 1 Double EXP Card: 3d, 13,888 Starstone, 1 Shouyue Trial, 1 Crimson Sniper Trial, 1 Pop Star Princess Frost Trial, and 1 Princess Frost Trial.
  • HOKJPGL62001 (Japan server only)
  • HOKJPGL62002 (Japan server only)
  • HOKJPGL62003 (Japan server only)
  • HOKJPGL62004 (Japan server only)
  • HOKJPGL62005 (Japan server only)
For more codes join Honor of Kings Philippines FB Group


Here’s how to redeem the Honor of Kings codes:
  • Open the HoK app and look for the four-square button in the bottom left corner.
  • Tap the “Community” button.
  • Find the “Gift Code” tab
  • Paste the code, and just tap the exchange button.

The redeemed rewards will then be sent to your in-game mail. The limit of each code is up to 100,000, so if the code does not work anymore, it might have reached its limit of redemption or it is already expired.