Honor of Kings teases for global release following the switching of regions notification

The popular 5v5 mobile MOBA title Honor of Kings, also known as Arena of Valor, recently made a buzz for its potential global release after an additional switching of regions in the game. The game is currently available for the Brazil region only, and the addition of switching regions means there are possible new regions to choose from aside from Brazil, fueling the possibility of global release.


Honor of Kings was developed by TiMi Studio Group and published by Tencent Games. It is one of the most popular MOBAs in China and became the first mobile game to accumulate a total of $10 billion in revenues.

Through a game notification that recently appeared, it states that players will now be able to change the region from where they first registered. However, note that after changing regions, players will not be able to play ranked matches for 30 days. But after crossing 30 days of unranked matches, players will now be ranked in their current region. However, it is still not sure yet whether their in-game data will be saved and resumed accordingly after 30 days or if it will reset entirely from what it was before the switching of locations.

In addition to switching regions, your chatting channels will also be switched according to your chosen location as well as the events; after changing your region, the events on your account will be determined by your chosen region. And once you switch regions, there will be a limit of 180 days before you are able to switch to other regions once again.

Honor of Kings is the official title of the game used in China, while the rest of the world uses the title Arena of Valor. But the developer wanted to bring and introduce its original title globally; hence, they added the Brazil server and launched the game in the said country. It is now potentially aiming for wider audiences across the globe with its additional regions.